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Wedding Workshop Six | Photographing the Details: Introduction Purpose and Top Five Challenges of Wedding Day Details

In the whirlwind that is a wedding day, the bride and groom rarely get to take in the finer...

Wedding Workshop Five | Photographing the Ceremony: Why You Should Use A Tilt-Shift Lens For Wedding Photography

Tilt-shift lenses create a soft, dream-like look and work especially well with bright and airy...

Unscripted | Photo Shoot BTS Season 2: Foundational Posing For Men

When posing men, whether individually or as a couple, the same rules apply.

Roundtable Critique: Engagement Session(s) Critique

This time around, we’re critiquing two engagement session submissions photographed by SLR...

S3 | Shooting Stories That Sell: 10-Step Retouching Process

We follow a 10-step retouching process to keep our workflow moving as efficiently as possible.

S3 | Shooting Stories That Sell: Culling the Shoot

When preparing to cull images from a photo session, try to remember some of the key takeaways...