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The Complete Posing Workshop: Introduction

Welcome to chapter one of the Complete Posing Workshop!

Wedding Workshop | Photographing The Couple: Outdoor Couples Portraiture

When shooting outdoors, having a solid understanding of angles, exposure, aperture and composition will allow you to maximize the potential of any environment.

Premium Monthly Webinars: Three Simple Lighting Techniques for Problematic Scenes

3 SIMPLE LIGHTING TECHNIQUES FOR PROBLEMATIC SCENES We’ll teach you the tools, process, and techniques to get amazing imagery with 3 simple lighting techniques perfect to get you out of any sticky situation. As wedding photographers, we are often plagued…

Wedding Workshop | Photographing The Couple: Introduction

Introduction to Photographing the Couple Welcome to the fourth installment of our Wedding Workshop Series: Photographing the Couple. We continue our mission in helping you create consistently incredible images for your clients. This course will teach you how to create…

Fitness Editing And Retouching: Introduction to Fitness Editing and Retouching

Introduction to Fitness Editing and Retouching Welcome to Commercial Fitness Editing and Retouch! Now, this is going to be a little different from our other courses, not only because of our subject matter but also because of the way that…

Wedding Workshop | Photographing The Bride: Constructive Critique for Bridal Portraits

Constructive Critique for Bridal Portraits We asked our Premium & Community members to submit their best bridal portraits, bridesmaid group shots, and details so that we could give you honest and helpful feedback. We are going to cover elements of…