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S3 | Shooting Stories That Sell

Start Selling, By Storytelling (IPS Workshop)

  • Increase Revenue With Wall Art & Album Sales 
  • Create Images Your Clients Want To Purchase
  • Learn A Framework For Telling Your Clients' Story 
  • Master Post-Production For Print
  • 6 Hours of HD Videos & Powerpoint Slides



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you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table

How do you sell more prints, albums and book more clients and sales? This workshop is designed to help photographers realize their potential revenue from wall art and album sales with the help of creating images your clients WANT to purchase.  

Before In-Person Sales, start By Shooting Stories That Sell 

IPS or In-Person Sales is a buzzword thrown around a lot these days in our industry and it implies that the means to earn more is to essentially SELL MORE of your work in-person. When IPS is done correctly, it is more about providing a better client experience than it is direct hard selling tactics. It's about understanding your clients and shooting the types of images that they themselves want and would pay for.

Everyone Can Take Photos, But Not Everyone Can Tell A Story

Being a photographer requires you to document and tell your clients' stories. This course will teach you how to shoot a cohesive story-driven set of images designed to sell albums and wall art, no matter the style of photography. 

3 simple steps to increase revenue exponentially

Understand a client's vision, execute and create images that they will want and value, and create pieces of artwork for their home. Everything in this course is designed to make you a better photographer, but more importantly, it's designed to help you become more successful in the business of your craft. 

1. communication

Approaching clients in this manner also focuses more on the experience and less on “features” like pricing packages, lighting styles, image quality. There is less to distinguish you from the competition using this older style. Instead we teach you to focus on what the client wants with a vision exercise rather than what you can offer to them. This helps narrow down their vision so you can create the images they will want to purchase.  

2. Cohesive shooting

We’re often tempted to shoot the main, epic shot, and then move on to a new location or switch up the poses, but there’s a lot of ways to tell a story within a single location and/or pose. If scenes lose cohesion, they cannot be used in album spreads or wall art designs, and the wall art products won’t be seen as a single piece. To avoid losing cohesion, setup the scene and lighting to be consistent. Slow down, walk through the scene, and capture wide, medium, and tight angles to aid the storytelling.

3. post-processing & Printing

Try not to think about shooting “x” number of images for your shoots. Yes, you’ll need to deliver a suitable amount of images but think more about the story you’re trying to tell and how the images you’re choosing help you better tell that story. We are going to take you through the post-production and finalization of our images to complete a set of images that will virtually sell themselves.

Find Out What Your Clients Want With The W.A.V.E.

Our Wall Art Vision Exercise is designed to help you get to the core of what your clients value and envision for their photoshoot. Never struggle with understanding your clients' vision again with this straightforward method of communication.  

Telling A Story In 10 Seconds

The simple storytelling formula used in now-classic shows like Seinfeld, The Office, and Friends includes the following steps: Set the scene (wide), Present the story (medium), Show the details (tight), Enrich via b-roll (observe). 

This formula translates directly to shooting stills for photographers. The basic premise will almost always involve shooting wide, medium, and tight shots. If you can slow down your shoots to include each of these angles within every scene, you can make S3 succeed when you bring clients in after a shoot to sell wall art clusters and albums.

Visualize The Final Product

Doing so gives your session a end goal and purpose beyond just the revenue from the shoot. This is where you consider the album spread or wall art cluster during the creation of the images. Try to always think in sequences when photographing your clients so that you can create stronger, cohesive stories and make it easier to sell a variety of products to showcase those stories. Directing and offering your clients posing cues will help generate authentic emotions that will aide in telling their true story. 

Prep Your Photos For Print With Bay Photo ROES

We'll walk you through, step-by-step, on how to retouch, size, and order prints with Bay Photo's simple ROES system. You can order customizable individual prints or clusters & collages, creating pieces of art in your clients' homes. The intuitive ordering process takes less than a couple of minutes to configure for your desired look. 

Chapter One

  • Understanding The Vision
  • IPS vs. S3
  • Where The Mood Board Falls Short
  • Analyzing The Vision Exercise
  • Vision Exercise Obstacles
  • Mood Board's Place
  • How To Truly Know Your Clients
  • What's Changed Going Into The Shoot?

Chapter Two

  • How To Tell A Story
  • 3-Step Directing And Visualization Exercise
  • Complete Story And Cohesiveness Required
  • 5 More Story Telling Examples

Chapter Three

  • Beach Intro: Setting The Scene
  • Beach: Natural Light
  • Beach: Natural Light, Pt. 2
  • Beach: Natural Light, Epic Wide
  • Beach: Flashed
  • Beach: Flashed, Pt. 2
  • Beach: Various Lighting
  • Beach: Dusk

Chapter Four

  • Culling The Shoot
  • Raw Processing For Cohesion
  • Selecting For The Design
  • Creating The Design

Chapter Five

  • 10-Step Retouching Process
  • Final Color Grade
  • Healing/Patching At Print Scale
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Compositing To Remove Unwanted Objects
  • Liquify To Reshape in Photoshop
  • Upsample For Large Format Prints

Chapter Six

  • Placing The Order

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this workshop included in SLR Lounge Premium membership?

A: Yes, S3 is included in SLR Lounge Premium.