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04 Dec 2021

Landscape Photography

What is Landscape Photography? A brief definition

Beach Landscape Photography Seascapes 04Landscape photography is a genre of photography that captures natural landscapes. While these landscapes may have people, animals or architecture present in the photos, the primary focus of the photograph must be natural scenery in order to be considered a landscape photograph. Subjects of these photographs include seascapes, mountain ranges, rivers, forests, and other natural landscapes.

Landscape photography does not include views of cities, as these are considered cityscapes. It also does not include close up photos of animals, as this is considered nature photography.  Landscape photography does include some astrophotography when those photographs include mountain ranges or other natural horizon lines where the sky meet nature.

The Best Cameras for Landscape Photography

The best cameras for landscape photography are cameras with high dynamic range and great low light performance.  See our full list of  The Best Nature & Landscape Photography Cameras for more info.

The Best Lenses for Landscape Photography

Beach Landscape Photography Seascapes 10Determining the best lenses for landscape photography requires an understanding of your overall purpose.  Generally, you’ll need a wide angle lens to capture vast scenes.  You may also need a wide aperture prime lens if you’re looking to capture night time landscape photography.  See our full list of the Best Lens for Landscape Photography for more information.

Landscape Photography Tips

Stay tuned for more landscape photography tips or see any of the articles in this category.

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