Surprisingly versatile is probably the best way to describe the often underrated ultra-wide angle focal length of the 14mm lens. With a 114 to 115.7-degree view when mounted on a full-frame camera, this lens works as well capturing vast landscape and nightscape images in a single shot as it does capturing environmental portraits in even the tightest of spaces (from as close as 11 inches between the lens and the subject).  In previous articles, we’ve showcased other focal lengths like 135mm and 200mm; and in this one, we’ll show you 25 photos that will make you need one for your creative toolkit.

Popular 14mm Lens Options

If the ambient light is somewhat low, fear not. Several options include a fast, constant f/2.8 aperture (or f/1.8 for Sigma) to allow in more light when working with difficult lighting conditions. You can find the prices and specs for various makes and models of the 14mm lenses via the links below:

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We’re happy to feature a collection of images from five imaginative global photographers to demonstrate the creative potential of the 14mm lens in an array of genres. You can find their images and links to their sites below. We highly encourage you to check out more of their work.

Frank Balzan:  Website | Wedding Maps Profile

Sony A9, 14mm, ISO 400, A: f/3.2, S: 1/125

What to love about the lens:

Earlier this year I decided to purchase a 14mm prime (Sony FE 14mm F1.8 GM). As a wedding photographer this is not the most conventional lens to use during a wedding day, however I have been really enjoying it when I am shooting the dancefloor. Since I love to get close to the action, the 14mm is perfect during partying moments of the wedding day, when people get wild and groovy. Being a prime lens it is super sharp, relatively light and its wide capability allows me to capture all the crazy dance moves!” – Frank Balzan

Irina Duane (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

John Foley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

SMJ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)

Damien Lovegrove: Website | Instagram

Alik Griffin: Website | Instagram

Alik Griffin masterfully employs the 14mm focal length in his diverse photographic pursuits, encompassing street scenes, architectural marvels, and breathtaking landscapes. His adept use of this wide angle lens is evident in the stunning images showcased below. Through his lens, Griffin captures the essence of each scene, from the bustling energy of city streets to the imposing grandeur of architectural structures, and the serene expansiveness of natural landscapes. The images below are a testament to how the 14mm focal length can be skillfully utilized to bring a unique perspective and vivid depth to a wide range of photographic subjects.

Bastian Kratzke: Website | Instagram

Bastian Kratzke’s expertise in utilizing the 14mm focal length shines through in his extraordinary nightscapes and low-light photography. With this wide-angle lens, Kratzke skillfully captures the vastness and intrigue of the night sky, emphasizing the expanse of star-studded heavens and the interplay of light and shadow in nocturnal environments. His work demonstrates how the 14mm lens, with its wide field of view, is exceptionally suited for encompassing the sprawling beauty of celestial scenes and the nuanced subtleties of low-light conditions. Kratzke’s photography not only showcases the technical capabilities of the 14mm lens in challenging light situations but also his artistic prowess in creating visually captivating and emotionally resonant images.

Matthew Saville: Website | Instagram

Daniel Gangur: Website | Instagram

The 14mm focal length stands as a remarkable choice for photographers who seek to capture expansive landscapes, dramatic architecture, intricate interiors, and even wide angle portraits with a new perspective. Its ultra-wide angle view not only enables the inclusion of vast scenes in a single frame but also accentuates depth and scale, making subjects appear more prominent and engaging. Ideal for capturing the grandeur of nature or the imposing feel of urban structures, the 14mm lens excels in situations where space is limited, allowing photographers to compose compelling images in tight environments. Moreover, this focal length often introduces a unique, artistic distortion at the edges of the frame, lending a dynamic, almost surreal quality to images. This feature can be creatively exploited to emphasize lines and shapes, adding a strong visual impact to the composition. The 14mm lens, therefore, is not just a tool for wide-angle photography, but a gateway to a distinctive and creative photographic expression.

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