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Who Ever Said Landscape Photography Was Easy? | The Ugly Truth With Thomas Heaton

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Syrp Releases ‘Super Dark’ Variable ND Filter That Cuts 5-10 Stops of Light

Syrp's new Super Dark filter allows for 5-10 stops of light - perfect for timelapse videos & long exposure photography.

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Pentax K-1 Ranks Top 5 On DxO & Adds Electronic Shutter | Perhaps The Best Landscape Deal Around

The last Pentax I’ve owned was a K1000 film shooter some years ago when they were largely used as student cameras...

Wake Up, There’s More To Landscape Photography Than Just Photography – It’s Good For You

Thomas Heaton's inspiring video takes us on a journey of exploration & adventure.

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In the following video clip, Jimmy McIntyre shows us how he creates mood by darkening his images.

How To Take The Perfect Sunset Photo

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Body, Lenses, or Lighting | Which Should You Upgrade First?

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The Fstoppers crew and Elia Locardi embarked on an epic journey for stunning travel and landscape photographs.