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13 Jul 2024

Travel Photography

The world is full of gorgeous sights and wanderlust travel photographers seek to document them with creativity and artistry. Travel photographers go far beyond the “say cheese” snapshots in front of popular landmarks and instead look for creative perspectives and ideal lighting.

What is Travel Photography?

It’s hard to pin down a specific definition of travel photography as many types of images can fit into the genre. In general, travel photos document landscapes, cultures, customs, peoples, or history.

As a result, travel photography is quite varied. Images can be portraits, landscapes, architecture photos, flat lays with travel-related themes, and so much more.

Lighting Conditions

The conditions can also be quite varied. As opposed to studio photography, or even natural lighting portrait photographers who can choose their location, travel photographers face a whole range of lighting conditions. They can’t tell the Eiffel Tower to move a little to the left because the sun isn’t quite falling in just the right spot. They may also be forced to work in extremely low light conditions and the weather doesn’t always cooperate.

On top of that, hauling around a lot of heavy equipment isn’t very practical for most travel photographers. To that end, travel photographers usually use a versatile pack with a small but powerful selection of lenses. Mirrorless cameras are becoming very popular among travel photographers for this very reason.

Earning Money with Travel Photography

Making a living with travel photography is challenging to say the least. With travel becoming more accessible and the Internet providing a means to sell their photos, the market is saturated with everything from quick snaps of the Taj Mahal to lush landscapes where the photographer waited hours for the perfect lighting.

As a result, travel photographers are turning to other means of making money. Now you’ll find them as teachers, YouTubers, bloggers, vloggers, photography tour guides, public speakers, and more.
Magazines, travel agencies, and other companies will also commission photographers to shoot specific sights or events for advertising, though this is definitely a niche level that is hard to break into.

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