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Abul Shah

"I first joined SLR Lounge in my first year going fulltime as a professional wedding photographer, with both the community and content being all the support that I still truly needed...I certainly wouldn't be the photographer I am today without SLR Lounge..."

Andy Chang

"SLR Lounge continues to provide an enormous amount of content for a great value...SLR Lounge took great effort to reinvent how people critique photographs online on their various platforms...[and] [t]heir course selection is very diverse and thorough starting from the choice of gear to location scouting and posing to post-processing."

Paul Seiler

"So much quality knowledge on lighting and technique...[s]tandard YouTube videos are no longer enough to quench my thirst for [p]hotography knowledge. SLR Lounge makes it their priority to ensure quality content for the good-spirited fellow & uplifting community. It's another level of refreshing."

About SLR Lounge

SLRLounge Education is based on the experience, knowledge and real-world success of Lin & Jirsa Photography, an award-winning photography studio composed of a creative team that shoots over 300 weddings each year with nearly 1,000 yearly client commissions

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