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Canon Dual Pixel CMOS AF vs Hybrid CMOS AF | The Technical & Real World Differences

If the past 5 months have told us something about Canon, it’s that Canon is beginning to give more attention...


RawTherapee Version 5 | Better Speed & X-Trans and Foveon Support

The Fujifilm X-trans sensor has been a bitter-sweet addition to the photographic community; people praise it for its...


How-To Lighting | DIY Kino-esque Light

Kino Flo lights create a lovely, color-accurate, soft light for photos and video shoots. They’re also remarkably...


New Year, New Gear Giveaway Announced!

Save the date for one of the largest giveaways in SLR Lounge history!


How To Fix Extreme Noise with Adobe Camera RAW

One thing that plagues almost every photographer is the noise in our images. Whether it is due to shooting at an...


Bill Cunningham’s Bicycle & Library Are Going On Display

The death of an icon is, in many ways, not a death at all, but an immortalization, and for the fashion world, Bill...


Hands On With Sony’s Newest Gear | 100mm 2.8 STF GM, FE 85mm 1.8, & New Flash

Sony is continuing to up the ante in the photography world with high-quality gear that is turning the heads of long...


How-To | Easy, Seamless Exposure Blending In Photoshop

Photoshop can be a mystifying environment, where despite a user’s best intentions sometimes things can go awry...

Want A Fuji Monochrome? | Now You Can Have A Fuji Camera Dedicated To Black & White

Getting a camera that has and does everything you want is generally considered a pipe dream, and even if you were...

World Press Photo Winners 2017 & The Gear And Exif Data For Each

This week the World Press 2017 Photo Contest concluded and winners, runner ups, and honorable mentions posted. Of...