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Sony A9 Review / Overview| The Affirmation Of Mirrorless & Wish Fulfillment

So, this, is the Sony A9. It costs twice as much as most people’s mortgage, looks very much like the A7...


FujiFilm GFX50 To Get 3rd Party Fast Primes – 65mm 1.4 & 85mm 1.2

A major challenge for any new camera system is to provide affordable lenses to convince enough people to buy into...


How To Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models | 3 Direct & Actionable Tips

Posing your client can be an intimidating prospect that can leave you flummoxed and frustrated during your shoot if...


Canon’s Oddball | First Impressions With The Canon 77D

To discuss Canon’s new 77D camera, you really need to talk about Canon’s DSLR lineup – particularly in...


How To Find Your Stolen Images Online

The internet is a vast universe unto itself and there is no way to explore it all. On one hand, this is amazing...


Why You’re Missing Out If You Aren’t Printing Your Work

If you’ve printed from film in a darkroom, you’ve experienced the real magic of seeing your print appear on a...


Google Shows What’s Possible Right Now With Phone Cameras In Low Light And It’s Impressive

Do you shy away from mobile photography because of a phone camera’s rather paltry performance in low light?...


How to: Light Outdoor Group Shots With Bare Bulb Flashes

Shooting a large group of people can be a challenge, and lighting that same group outdoors in the middle of the day...


The Complete Posing Workshop: 15-Second Posing Challenge for Men

Using tips like the 3-point check can allow you to create portraits with a specific purpose in as little as 15 seconds.

Canon Body & Lens Sale, Sony A7rII, Speedlites & Hard Drives | Deal Dash

In our field, gear matters, and you’d have to have a bank balance bigger than your bank account number for you to...