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‘Snappr’ | The Matchmaking Photography App That Devalues The Professional

Attention all amateurs & professionals: this Australian startup company is getting away with a mild form of robbery.

Photo by Kishore Sawh New

The Real Ways To Keep Children Engaged During A Family Photography Session

Keeping children engaged during a photo session is hard. What's worse is that many sources would have you believe the...

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UPDATE | Squijoo Camera Giveaway: Win a Canon 5DS R, Nikon D810, or Sony A7R II!

SLR Lounge and Squijoo want to give you one of the hottest cameras on the market, and here's how.

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5 Tiffen ND Filters For Every Price Point

Between filming Lighting 101 & Lighting 201, we got our hands on a set of Tiffen ND Filters that were actually on...

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Canon Releases Two New L-Series Lenses And An Unusual WiFi Adapter

This is Canon's week, with a new 5D and now revamped 7D MK II and 2 new lenses.


A Peek Inside An Ansel Adams Workshop & Examples Of His 35mm Work And Portraiture

An insightful look into lesser known aspects of Ansel's life.


Purpose Behind ‘That Rubber Thing’ On Your Canon Camera Strap

Apparently, that small 'rubber thing' on your Canon camera strap has a function.


Fujifilm Release New XF 23mm f/2 & Selfie centered X-A3

We have known for some time that Fujifilm was going to announce another 23mm in 2016, thanks to their lens roadmap....


Canon 5D Mark IV | This is It, Finally

It's here, and it's a new creature from the inside out, but is it an upgrade worthy of the name?


The Edelkrone Wing | Camera Slider Movement Tool That Fits In Your Pocket

Looking for a slider without the bulk to up your videos? This could be just the ticket.

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Recreating Golden Hour: Which Gear To Use When Recreating Golden Hour

Welcome to our Recreating Golden Hour Special Effects Workshop! Getting those bright and beautiful golden hues around...


New Patent from Canon Promised Better Edge Performance from Sensor

Canon is pushing sensor boundaries


Creating Unique Lens Flares | Facebook Live

Here are two techniques using inexpensive items to create simple lens flares without the hassle.


Premium Monthly Webinars: Speed Up Your Workflow With Lightroom Presets

Speed Up Your Workflow With Lightroom Presets We hosted this webinar to showing you how to use the SLR Lounge Lightroom...


The Latest In Wedding Trends: Vacuum-Pack Wedding Photos

A whole new meaning to being "wrapped up in your love".