For the fourth year in a row, Zenfolio is conducting the State of the Photography Industry Survey, which aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the photography industry and share ideas that can help elevate your photography business. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete, and your participation will help establish a more accurate and helpful report.

This is a call to share your unique experience within the photography industry for the benefit of photographers everywhere! As a photographer, you have firsthand knowledge within your field that can be used to uncover current trends, challenges, and opportunities within the industry.

Important Survey Information

  • When: The survey runs from February 1st through February 29th (results will be available April 4th)
  • Where: You can take the survey here

Regarding the survey itself, it includes basic questions about your general location, which genre you work in, the gear you use, and so on. It also dives a little deeper regarding costs fluctuations, business model preferences, and more. Finally, it touches on the growing role of AI in photography and how often you do or do not use it. It might surprise you when you realize just how many aspects it has impacted from in-camera tech to editing tools and workflow.

We highly encourage you to take the survey if you’re at all interested in gaining insights into the industry and better gauging your position in the field. Your input is instrumental, and you’ll be joining your peers to make the report that much more invaluable. 

Benefits of Taking the State of the Photography Industry Survey 2024

The results from the study will be made available April 4th. Once the study is published, those who participate will get a free copy from Zenfolio. It’s really a solid way to gain insight from your fellow photographers and receive up-to-date information on the photography industry.

Previous reports, which you can view here, have addressed topics like coping with inflation, packaging and marketing photography services, and pivoting to sustain a business through unforeseen circumstances, among others. There’s useful information in here for photographers from all walks.

Click here to take this year’s survey.