Memory cards are pretty resilient little devices, but all it takes is a moment to accidentally lose one. One of the worst feelings is to finish a long day of shooting only to discover that somehow along the way you lost one of your memory cards containing the most important images of the session. Even losing an empty memory card can feel like a major loss if it was a pricy one. For something so small, these little memory cards carry a very heavy burden; they hold all of your priceless work! This is why card management is very important to us here at SLR Lounge.

We all have our own ways of storing and sorting files, but the bottom line is we want to be sure our files are safe and secure for our clients. Because of this, we’ve created our list of the Best Memory Card Holders and Wallets for Photographers, updated annually. These lists are based on our personal experience as working photographers combined with extensive research from other reputable sources online.

If we missed anything, or if you have any recommendations on what we should consider for next year, please comment below!

Best Memory Card Holders & Wallets

Memory card cases, holders, and wallets all store your cards in a safe and efficient way, but many also come with additional features like labels, being waterproof, shock/impact proof, and dust proof! There are many options to choose from so we’re hoping this list helps make your choice a little easier.

Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case (Our Choice)

Our Winner for Best Memory Card Holder.

The Pelican 0915 Memory Card Case is one of the top sellers on B&H Photo & Amazon, and comes in on the top of many lists and personal recommendations among industry professionals, especially since it offers a shock and water resistant seal (IPX4 rating) to provide an extra level of protection for your precious cargo.

The case can hold 12 SD cards, 6 miniSD, and 6 microSD cards, meaning the only thing left out here would be the larger Compact Flash and QXD cards. At a price point averaging under $20 you can’t go wrong with the Pelican brand.

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Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket Series Card Carrier

Our 2nd Place Winner for Best Memory Card Case.

The Think Tank Card Wallets are available in a few different variations for different card types, (SD / CF), but our preference leans towards the CF version as it can still hold smaller card types like SD and micro versions, while also being capable to squeeze in the new QXD format cards in a pinch, giving you a little more flexibility in your shooting style.

I’ve had one of these wallets since I picked up my first Think Tank bag almost a decade ago and I still carry it with me on nearly every shoot. The fold up design with carabiner clip & lanyard combo makes it very easy to store and attach to your camera bag.

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Lowepro GearUp Memory Card Wallet 20

Our 3rd Place Winner for Best Memory Card Case.

Lowepro’s GearUp Memory Card Wallet is the best version they’ve released, in my opinion. The interior is loaded with a variety of slots to hold SD, micro SD, CF,  CF Express, and  XQD cards, giving you an ultimate combo of shooting capabilities with a long life span.

The case has 12 larger slots for CF & XQD type cards, and 8 smaller slots for the SD and micro SD style cards. It has a fully zippered closure for easy access as well as a rear loop with clip to attach to your camera bag or accessories for extra security on the move.

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Spider Memory Card Holder

This is another great option, comparable to the Lowepro Gearup Memory Card Wallet listed above. See our full Spider Memory Card Holder Review for more detailed information. The TLDR is that it’s especially great if you already use the spider holster, as it’s perfectly sized for their belts.

As memory cards get larger in capacity, you may not need the quick access that this card holder provides, but nonetheless, having the memory cards in a secure, visible location on your body can be comforting for those worried about memory card loss or damage.

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Additional Options

Ruggard Neoprene Protective Pouch

The Ruggard Neoprene Protective Pouch for Memory Cards is a small neoprene case that can hold and protect up to 6 memory cards, (large or small), in laminated mesh pockets. The rear pocket can even hold a spare battery for your camera.

The case can fit easily inside your camera bag, jacket pockets, and for someone wanting to take the extra step, the case has a belt loop to allow very easy transport on your camera bag/straps or even your own belt!

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Gepe All-in-One Card Safe Extreme

This card holder is for the more safety-minded photographer who’s ready and shooting in all of the elements. While the cases listed above are all great, if you’re an adventure photographer or happen to be traveling in some extreme weather and situations, you may want or need something more.

These little guys are extremely tough, waterproof (IPX7 Rating), crushproof, protect against static electricity, and even float in water! The case can hold 8 micro SD cards, 4 SD cards and 4 CF cards and comes in a variety of colors for your personal style. The only thing missing from this case is a lanyard or clip so you could attach it to your gear to make sure it doesn’t slip out anywhere along your journey.

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Cecilia Gallery SD Memory Card Wallet

If you’re looking to add a little more style to your memory card holder, than the Cecilia Gallery SD Memory Card Wallet is the one for you. While just as functional as the other wallets listed above, the combination of charcoal canvas with leather fixtures adds just a subtle touch of flair.

Offered in 3 varieties of color for the exteriors, the interior is covered in a soft micro-fiber and is designed to hold 9 SD and 4 Micro SD cards. These wallets are slightly higher priced than the ones listed above, but at an average of $34 they are still within most of our budgets. Especially if this holder can sync up in design and style with our apparel and camera bags/straps!

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Pioneer 10 Compartment Memory Card Organizer

Pioneer Memory Card OrganizerWhile it may just look like a flimsy piece of plastic, it can store up to 10 memory cards, and the real benefit of a system like this is the memo area that you can write date/contents in to keep track of what you’ve shot on a busy day. Plus, it still protects your memory cards from dust, static, and being bent, broken, or crushed.

The slim design makes it easy to slide into nearly any compartment of your camera case/bag and at a price of under $10, how could you go wrong?

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How to Choose The Best Memory Card Holder and Wallet

The thing to remember is you shouldn’t struggle to carry your memory cards, and you definitely shouldn’t have to worry about them while in transit. You owe it to yourself to invest in a good case that protects, organizes, secures your cards, and fits your personal style & brand. Head to your local camera store and pick a few up to see what feels right, and speak with your colleagues to see what cases they use and why. The work you do will be a major deciding factor in the case or wallet system you end up buying.


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