We’ve all had the same nightmare as a professional photographer. No, I’m not talking about showing up to a shoot naked or falling into a church fountain. I’m talking about losing someone’s precious memories by misplacing or damaging a memory card.

We take precautions to prevent this, using cameras with dual card backup, using on-site backup devices, and more. But of course, everyone needs to carry their cards to and from the shoot; and everyone needs to switch cards during the shoot. So having a reliable, convenient and secure memory card holder on the job is a critical component to image safety.

The Spider Memory Card Holder provides quick, secure access to your memory cards and includes convenient pockets that make it one of the best solutions for carrying memory cards.

The Pros of the Spider Memory Card Holder

1. Carried on Belt Not in Pocket

Having your cards directly on your belt instead of your pockets helps you avoid the potential issue of sitting on your card wallet and damaging cards. It’s also more comfortable, as you’re able to keep one less item out of your pocket to cause bulges and weigh down your pants throughout the day.

spider-memory-card-belt In the image above, the Spider Memory Card Holder is pictured on the Spider Belt. However, you can use the holder with any belt.

2. Holds Smaller Phones

The additional pocket for your phone is a nice optional feature. Again, that’s one less item in your pocket and you always know exactly where it is.


3. Holds Additional Papers or Items

The additional elastic pocket in the front holds anything from keys to credit cards to printed-out itineraries. I use mine for the itinerary, so I always know where it is.

The Cons of the Spider Memory Card Holder

1. Zipper Noise

When you’re walking, the two zippers can clang together and make a noticeable noise. While it’s not a deal-breaker for me, it’s still a minor convenience in very quiet environments like churches.

2. The Price

At $35, it’s $15 more than the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. At almost double the cost, I see the price as the only significant con for this product. For me, it’s still worth it because of the additional features and convenience.

The Competition

For years the shooters at LJP and SLR Lounge have been using and loving the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. It holds 10 CF cards and attaches directly to your belt loop or bag for security. It even has a slot for your business cards as well. While the majority of the team still uses and loves the Think Tanks, I recently made the switch over to the Spider Memory Card Organizer for the reasons mentioned in this article.