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Current 2016 Guide To Image/File Sizes Infographic

Understand the limitations & consequences of incorrect file sizing with this comprehensive guide.

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Apple Announced New Macbook Pro With Dynamic Touch Bar But Missing A Key Ability

In what seemed like ages, today Apple finally showed off their new MacBook Pro design not revisited or updated since...

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Leica Now Offering Lease-To-Own Financing & Continues Trade-Up Program

Certain Fuji owners may have my head for saying this, but I know more than a few who love the Fuji X-system because...

bridal-portraits Premium

Wedding Workshop | Photographing The Bride: Must-Have Bridal Portraits

Must-Have Bridal Portraits We are going to take every bit of guidance we have given you in regards to posing and...

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Nikon’s Best Sale On Top-Shelf Cameras Just Got Better & Added The D500 | Deal Dash

In our field, gear matters, and you’d have to have a bank balance bigger than your bank account number for you to...


Microsoft’s New Touchscreen Desktop All-in-One: The Surface Studio | iMac Beater?

Microsoft's new workstation features a big, bright, hinged touchscreen, and the processing power to go with it.


3 Ways To Get Glowing Skin

Beauty retouching is all about beautiful, flawless, perfect skin, and there are many, many retouching techniques...


New Update | Lightroom Presets CC v1.1

Our best-selling SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset system has just received a new update! This is a FREE update for...


Witness Joe Capra’s Ambitious 10K Panoramic Timelapse of Los Angeles

The LA skyline doesn’t quite have the same “magic” that other downtown cities exhibit. It only...


Join Pye on Creativelive | How to Build and Use Lightroom Presets

We are excited to go on CreativeLive again! Lightroom Presets are a great tool for all types of photographers.  They...


Sony A99II Hands On | The A99II AF Could Be In The Same League As The Nikon D5 & Canon 1DX Mark II

At the 2016 PhotoPlus Expo, we got our hands on the new Sony A99II, and as part of this trade show we experienced how...


How To Sharpen Photos Cleanly In Photoshop Without Edging

Learn how to properly sharpen your images in Photoshop to avoid any sign of black & white edging.


Free Webinar with Fundy | Design & Sell More Albums & Wall Art

Learn how to triple your studio profits with Fundy Desginer's effortless album design software and in-person sales...


Duet Pro | The Best App To Turn Your iPad Into A Second Monitor Just Got A Major Upgrade

Two years ago Duet popped up like a bogey on my radar, and a full year later I engaged with it, and haven’t looked...


Enjoy CreativeLive Anywhere With Their New App & Free Lesson Every Day

CreativeLive aficionados rejoice! CreativeLive has just released an app for iOS, and  it’s available for devices...