With stunning views of nature and the great outdoors, landscape photography can broaden our horizons and transport us to parts of the planet we’d otherwise likely never see. Trading paint for pixels, the best landscape photographers create works of art that uniquely capture the world in which we live. By employing a number of landscape photography compositional tools and techniques, such as leading lines, patterns, depth of field, colors, and even the rule of thirds, the best landscape photographers are able to identify and highlight subjects in the scene that reflect the essence of the environments they photograph. From the seacoast to the desert, and everywhere between, we can find beauty and inspiration in the world around us and the images that give us access to it.

20+ Best Landscape Photographers to Follow

This list is by no means exhaustive, but consider it a trailhead from which to further explore this genre through the lenses of some of the best landscape photographers working today.  Have any recommendations?  Let us know in the comments below!

Sean Bagshaw: Website | Instagram


Sean Bagshaw’s award-winning landscape and travel photos feature bold, colorful captures from locations across the globe. As part of the Photo Cascadia team, Bagshaw shares educational insights, images, and stories online to benefit all levels of photographers. Given his artistic vision and passion for teaching, Bagshaw’s work will continue to inspire and shape future generations of landscape photographers.

Sapna Reddy: Website | Instagram

With dual careers in medicine and photography, Sapna Reddy captures images that “celebrate health, happiness, and the goodness of life.” Reddy’s serene imagery truly serves its purpose, whether hanging on the walls of medical centers or beautifying presentations as a screensaver. Across Reddy’s portfolio, you’ll find beauty in the somewhat muted colors of both lush and barren landscapes.

Albert Dros: Website | Instagram

Whether snapping stunning aerial photos of Iceland from a plane or capturing sunset shots across the canals in Amsterdam (see the Instagram image above), Albert Dros employs his expertise in design to create painterly landscape images that will leave you wanting to take the next flight out to push both your skills and geographical boundaries.

Erez Marom: Website | Instagram

Through his imagery, Erez Marom seeks to capture “the intricacy and beauty of our natural world.” Like many of the photographers on this list, Marom is also an educator, leading future generations of landscape and wildlife photographers. The scope of Marom’s work and his eye for incredible imagery has led to shoots on nearly all of the continents. Whether capturing the snowy landscapes in Switzerland or fiery formations in Hawaii and Ethiopia, Marom’s landscape photos inspire an emotional response and make good on his goal to share the beauty of our natural world.

Chris Burkhard: Website | Instagram

Part travel/surf/landscape photographer, explorer, author, educator, speaker and more, Chris Burkhard has leveraged his many talents to grow a massive online presence, and deservedly so. Burkhard’s work inspires while it also challenges us to reflect on our relationship with nature. His bold, award-winning landscape images are the subject of several (also award-winning) films, and his work in extreme conditions shaped the majority of the content for his TED talk, “The Joy of Surfing in Ice Cold Water.” If you don’t already know Burkhard’s work, do yourself a favor and check it out.

Ranz Kalamaulaokalani Navaro: Instagram

View this post on Instagram

Isolated, flat-topped sandstone peak surrounded by extensive, bluish-grey hills completely lacking any vegetation. Nearby are delicate, eroded rock formations and unusual, slot-like ravines. These are some of the ingredients for a badlands adventure with @adventurecrewusa . . . . #stayandwonder #ourdailyplanet #ourlonelyplanet #global_creatives #moodnation #roamearth #bpa_nature #got_greatshots #the_folknature #natureromantix #thewanderco #raw_moody #themoderndayexplorer #visualofearth #stademagazine #shotsdelight #dscvr_mood #earthoutdoors10k #scape_captures #beyondthelands_ #roam247 #wildvisuals #escapeandwonder #weroamabroad #dreaming_landscape #roamanywhere #momentkeepers @kuhl @vasquefootwear @slikusa @sonyalpha @tamronusa

A post shared by Ranz Kalamaulaokalani Navarro (@ranznav) on

Ranz Kalamaulaokalani Navarro’s IG feed reads like a grand outdoor adventure, bursting with scenic landscapes and epic selfies. Over jagged mountain ranges and under starry skies, Navarro’s imagery leads viewers on a visual journey that you never want to end. Part of Navarro’s magic lies in his stellar skills in post-production, which he uses to maximize the potential of each and every capture.

Michael Shainblum: Website | Instagram

Michael Shainblum is a landscape, time-lapse and aerial photographer and filmmaker whose surreal imagery has been captivating viewers for more than a decade. Because of his drone capabilities, Shainblum’s galleries feature a range of epic perspectives, from breathtaking aerial views to close up shutter drags of crashing waves. As a result, Shainblum’s work remains rooted in visual storytelling and offers a healthy dose of inspiration.

Cath Simard: Website | Instagram

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I’ve been a little bit obsessed with ice caves in the past year or so. Here’s why: – Their blue colour – Due to our glaciers melting rapidely, new caves are formed every month, which makes every one of them unique and ephemeral – You need to work a bit to access them, the harder you work to get to them, the more rewarding I feel it is. – There’s a minimalistic and modern look to them which I’m highly attracted to aesthetically speaking – I love putting on crampons and walking on the glacier to get to them, even just that makes it worth it even if the cave isn’t the most impressive Now that cave was easily accessible and I had the chance to visit it with both my workshop groups, and safely guided by my friend @thestrawhatbackpacker I took 5 minutes at the end of the tour to shot this focus stacked panorama which I know would be a real pain to assemble in Photoshop, but I took it anyway. It took me about 10 hours to do the full edit and it wasn’t the most pleasant thing but I am (kind of) satisfied with the final image it resulted. Even if the ice wasn’t the smoothest or the most translucide, I thought that the shape of he ice was worth giving it a try for the edit. Shot with @sonyalpha A7riii + 12-24 f4. 2 sec, f6.3, iso 100 #alphacollective #sonyalpha #bealpha

A post shared by C A T H S I M A R D (@cathsimard) on

Near the top of the list of landscape photographers whose work makes it nearly impossible to choose a favorite, you’ll find Cath Simard. Every image boasts amazing artistry. Simard’s use of composition and colors, not to mention her command of post-production techniques, sets her work apart from other landscape photographers. The cliche, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” does not do justice to Simard’s ability to tell masterful visual stories.

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Daniel Kordan: Website | Instagram

Based mainly in Norway and Tuscany, Daniel Karden has traveled the world (and led others, literally, in the process), from Europe to the UK, USA, Asia and Russia, to artistically photograph the landscapes he visits. Lofoten Islands have earned the distinction of being one of Karden’s favorite places to photograph, but all of his images capture the wonder and beauty of the environment.

Rebecca Simrose: Website | Instagram

Magical. Surreal. Grand and Epic. All of these and more only begin to describe Rebecca Simrose’s portfolio of landscape photos. Simrose’s self-proclaimed love affair with the natural world clearly translates in the images she creates. As though they were placed by design, mountain ranges and vast starry skies (and the core of the Milky Way) feature prominently in Simrose’s work. We could go on but it’d only keep you from exploring Simrose’s gallery, which we strongly suggest you do now.

Scott Kranz: Website | Instagram

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An hour ago, one of my climbing heroes, @conrad_anker, posted about issues that have been weighing on my mind as of late, global and societal issues relating to privilege, racism, inclusion, among others. In particular George Floyd and his family have not left my thoughts this week. For me, these subjects are too big to fully unpack in general, let alone in this caption. Nevertheless, I plan to share thoughts on these issues more frequently moving forward. – For starters: I carry more privilege than I can fully grasp. I am an able-bodied, well-educated, heterosexual, cisgender, neurotypical white male. I have enjoyed 20-plus years of formal, mostly private, education. I have studied abroad in multiple countries, and I have traveled internationally for many years. I have never experienced discrimination or lived below the poverty line. I have never gone to bed homeless or hungry. I've never been fearful while running, hiking, climbing, etc. In short, I am among the most privileged people in our society. – You might be wondering why I am sharing this. It is not to blame or shame or devalue other's hard work. Rather, I wish to acknowledge my privilege and speak up about the issues of systematic racism in our country. Naming where we stand and using your voice enables us to serve as a catalyst for action and change. In the outdoor industry, where people of color are underrepresented, for example, I want to use my privilege to speak up and call out injustice. I cannot be silent. Silence is the problem. As Conrad just said: Racial injustice matters. Black Lives Matter. George Floyd matters. – I am still learning about my own privilege and identity, and this conversation is just beginning for me. Thank you for reading this, and I welcome any thoughts of your own below in the comments. #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorgefloyd #sayhisname #blacklivesmatter #blackoutdoorlivesmatter

A post shared by Scott Kranz – Seattle (@scott_kranz) on

As an outdoor enthusiast, Scott Kranz has built his parlayed his passion for “the mountains and all things outdoors” into a career as a full-time commercial and editorial photographer. Kranz said it best when describing his own work, as he captures “authentic moments in real adventures while surrounded by the most wild, rugged, and pristine beauty of North America and beyond.” Take a trip through his portfolio to see for yourself how passion and practice have allowed Kranz to create unforgettable images.

Candice Dyar: Website | Instagram

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To this day, I’ve never seen so many rainbows in such a short period of time. ?? Do you love wildflowers, mountains or the Milky Way? Enjoy learning in a small group with attentive/intimate one-on-one interaction? My Mount St. Helens Workshop still has a couple of spots remaining if you’re interested. Dates are June 18-21st. Direct link in my bio for more details/ to sign up. Use Discount Code EARYBIRD to receive 25% off extended through the end of February. Subscribe to my mailing list for upcoming Autumn 2020 workshop announcements and discounts. Thanks for looking ? About the image: From the archives, 2016. A thunderstorm rolls through the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. ________________________________________ #landscapephotography #natgeovisual #splendid_shotz #wildflowers #Summer #colorado_creative #earthoutdoors #Colorado #rainbow

A post shared by ??????? ???? (????????) (@candacedyar) on

It was during weekend hikes as a child that Candice Dyar’s love for the great outdoors took form, a passion that later merged with her interest in photography, which she uses in hopes of inspiring others to do their part in conserving wilderness areas and the creatures who inhabit those spaces. Dyar’s work resonates on an emotional level and draws the viewer in through clever composition and use of colors, which culminates in breathtaking imagery.

David Thompson: Website | Instagram

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“Medusa” What’s up everyone! Hope all you guys out there are safe and well. We are in some crazy times. We all need to do our part, and we will get through this madness in time. With that being said, I guess it’s time to start sharing some new work. Hopefully the imagery will bring some of you guys spirits up. The image here is from an area that I truly adore. It’s one of the few places that I can go and just fit right in and connect with the landscape. Each one of these cypress trees has its own unique character. This particular tree reminds me of the snakes in Medusa’s hair! Those squiggly branches look incredible! The mix of fall colors with the mist gives this landscape an ethereal feeling. For more images and info, please visit my website at: davidthompsonphotography.com #swamp #swampscapes #mood #moody #moodynaturelandscapes #atmosphere #mist #fog #foggy #thesouth #bayou #bayoulandscape #nikond850 #nikonusa #nikonofficial #d850 #d850nikon #naturephotography #landscapephotography #landscape #nature_good #igworldclub_longexp #reflections #reflectionphotography #autumn #autumnleaves #fallcolors

A post shared by David Thompson (@davidthompsonphotography) on

Each new photo that David Thompson shares immediately takes a well-deserved place on the list of best landscape images on IG (or anywhere). Throughout his body of work, Thompson utilizes composition, color, and light to dramatic effect. While many photographers claim to want to draw the viewer into the scene, Thompson’s work does exactly that with careful framing and brilliant perspective. Take a peek through his galleries and bookmark his site so that you can return regularly for instant inspiration.

Kai Hornung: Website | Instagram

An educator, speaker, writer, and perhaps most of all, an artist. Kai Hornung has captured amazing images from around the world, and he’s done it all within the last few years, which is when he took an interest in landscape photography. We could go on about the caliber of his work and how it evokes mood and emotion, but it would better serve your eyes and interest to experience Hornung’s work yourself, which he has efficiently organized on his site and curated via his Instagram profile.

Marc Adamus: Website | Instagram

A wilderness photographer at heart, Marc Adamus’s passion for the outdoors comes through crystal clear in his epic images. In a cinematic style, Adamus captures perfectly framed trees under full rainbows, night skies filled with dancing northern lights, and grand (or, again, make that “epic”) views of both land and sea. You’ll find all of that and more in Adamus’s insanely beautiful galleries.

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Philip Slotte: Website | Instagram

Though the term painterly may be overly used, even when it doesn’t apply, Philip Slotte is one artist whose work truly embodies a painterly aesthetic. A young, self-taught photographer, Slotte’s ability to capture timeless images goes beyond his years. In a relatively short time, Slotte has transitioned from capturing images on his phone to creating masterpieces on his digital camera in a number of awe-inspiring locations.

Benjamin Hardman: Website | Instagram

Benjamin Hardman’s aerial (and land-based) photography beautifully captures the ever-changing ice structures, volcanic mountains, and wildlife of the north. Based in Iceland, Hardman aims to use his work to “convey the fragility and transitory intricacies of glacial ice amidst the current period of accelerated retraction and a changing global climate.”

Mads Peter Iversen: Website | Instagram

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A bunch of memories from my 2016 trip to the US! An absolutely amazing tour I'll cherish for the rest of my life! ? – if you struggle with composition in landscape photography be sure to get my eBooks on that topic. There are link in my bio ? . . . . . #bigsur #dreaming_landscape #usatravel #insta_worldz #folklore #duskmac #sunset_vision #welcometonature #sunset_stream #master_gallery #nightimages #global_hotshotz #theimaged #igpodium #nightphotography #epic_captures #folkscenery #Wildernessculture #globelusters #ig_masterpiece #travelawesome #lonelyplanet #depthsofearth #ig_color #californiacoast #californialove #california #california_igers #californiaholics

A post shared by Mads Peter Iversen Photography (@madspeteriversen_photography) on

The work of Mads Peter Iversen covers the gamut of human emotion. Whether presented in full color or a monochromatic palette, Iversen’s photos evoke peace and wonder as well as drama and depression. With a particular interest in vast, empty landscapes like those you’d find in epic sci-fi movies, Iversen invests much of his time and energy editing his images to reflect his preferences and convey whatever mood he finds himself in at the time. Here’s an article Mads wrote for SLR Lounge in which he shared five tips for capturing powerful wide angle landscape photos.

Max Rive: Website | Instagram

Encouraged by winning an IPA award, Max Rive knew he had made the right choice to leave his studies and travel the world in pursuit of capturing inspiring landscape imagery. The journey hasn’t been without its hiccups, but Rive’s work stands as a testament to what’s possible when one follows his/her passion and wholly commits to making it work.

Ted Gore: Website | Instagram

An acclaimed photographer for his sophisticated style of landscape photography, Ted Gore creates visual masterpieces built on creative compositions and skillful editing. Gore’s portfolio boasts a number of award-winning images and it’s easy to see why. As an avid outdoorsman, Gore understands the environments in which he works and his passion translates in his imagery.

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Ryan Longnecker: Website | Instagram

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Bishop – socially distancing before it was cool.

A post shared by Ryan Longnecker (@ryanlongnecker) on

A frequent contributor on our site, Ryan Longnecker shares his knowledge of the craft of photography while he also produces beautifully inspiring imagery. His passion for capturing pictures of our planet is matched only by his passion for helping others to see the beauty in it, and not just on the surface. Longnecker’s work conveys the importance of conserving our environment, regardless of geographical coordinates, while also respecting the people we share it with.

Zay Yar Lin: Website | Instagram

It’s hard to believe, but Zay Yar Lin’s main occupation is serving as a sea boat captain, although his award-winning photography definitely benefits from his travels. On the topic of work, the theme of daily occupations appears regularly in the portraits he captures in while traveling by sea. The interplay of light and color, as well as the dynamic compositions in Lin’s images set his photography apart and it appeals to both travel and landscape enthusiasts alike.

Sangeeta Dey: Website | Instagram

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No Firefall this year. I have been getting an overwhelming number of messages and emails asking about Firefall as people are leaving over the weekend for Yosemite. I have been trying my best to respond individually, but it is taking a lot of time so I will just make this post here. As you all know, Firefall is a natural phenomenon, and the recipe requires three ingredients (a) good snow pack (b) warm temperatures during the day to melt that snow so the water can flow, and (c) clear skies on the west side during sunset to allow the sun to “light up” the fire. This year, there is little precipitation for the waterfall to form. I have seen extreme closeups of the waterfall, and it is “DRY.” Some of you asked that there is rain expected over the weekend so if that would help. The answer is no. First, it has to be snow to maintain the consistent flow of water, and second, even if rain helped with some flow of water, there will be cloud cover blocking the sun. So, unfortunately, the answer is still no. I am posting a few of my favorite images from the past years. Hope you like them. Happy Valentine’s Day, or if you are like me, just another working Friday! #Firefall #elcaptain #yosemitenationalpark #majestic_earth_ #cool_capture_ #naturewhisperers #wildcalifornia #jaw_dropping_shots #gottolove_this #splendid_earth #thebest_capture #igs_america #greatshotz #special_shots #yourshotphotographer #igpodium #artofvisuals #superhubs #neverstopexploring #myrrs #visitcalifornia #nikonnofilter #usinterior #california #earthporm #earthpix #earthoutdoors #yosemiteconservancy #naturephotography #ourplanetdaily #earthoutdoors #earthpix

A post shared by Sangeeta Dey (@sangeetadeyphotography) on

After studying Sangeeta Dey’s landscape photography portfolio, you can see that she uses her camera as more than a tool to document her travels and local landscapes. She also uses the medium as a tool for creative expression. Her images reflect the look and thoughtful compositions of master painters. You can read our interview with Sangeeta here for more insight into her process.

Hillary Younger: Website | Instagram

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Wizard Light ~ Crater Lake, Oregon. There's still a few spots left for the Eastern Sierra Workshop I’m co-leading with @candacedyar next March 10-14, 2018. This exciting photo adventure opportunity includes Mono Lake, Alabama Hills and Owens River among others. Message/ email me if you’re interested in joining us! ————————— hillsees@gmail.com ____________________________ #discoverearth #world_shotz #worldbestshot_ig #jaw_dropping_shots #insta_crew #igw_longexposure #earthofficial #ig_worldclub #fantastic_earth #skymasters_family #global_hotshotz #naturelovers_gr #awesomeearth #earthporn #dream_image #igscglobal #worldcaptures #ahd_shotz #awesomeglobe #sunset_vision #udog_peopleandplaces #special_shots #gottolove_this #tgif_sunset #fatalframes #noir_vision #igbest_shotznihon #featuremeglc

A post shared by Hillary Younger (@hillary_younger) on

A previously featured artist on our site, Hillary Younger brings a unique perspective to her landscape imagery. As she noted in her featured artist interview, “To a large extent, my motivation to pursue landscape photography has been conservation and protection of what I love, wild nature. For me, the joy of photography is centered around being alone in wild places. And in having a voice to protect them.” Her images are dynamic and tend to feature powerful lines and dramatic, moody edits.

Matthew Saville: Website | Instagram

As a professional photographer, Matthew Saville actually spends most of his time behind the camera photographing weddings; however, his “hobby” of capturing astro landscape imagery has yielded an amazing catalog of first-rate photos. Matt also shares his expertise in the genre as a writer and editor for our site, and he even led our Photography the Milky Way workshop and created our Landscape Photography Presets (in collaboration with The Photo Argus).


I hope this list proves a helpful starting point from which to dive further into the genre. Here again is a quick recap of the 20 best landscape photographers, as featured in this article.

Let us know some other landscape photographers that you follow and feel should’ve made list. We know there are plenty left out there who can inspire droves of photographers with their imagery.