Now that the peak wedding season is over and the holidays are behind us (yes, you should take down your Christmas lights now), it’s time for a lot of wedding photographers to be finishing and delivering weddings.

Smart wedding photographers (and commercial photographers) know that a little thought goes a long way. Client gifts are fantastic ways to keep your clients talking about you to their friends and family, especially if you give them something that stays with them on their desk or in their home.

Here are some great ideas that some photographer friends of mine are using that really are unique and might get you inspired to step up your client gift game.


Jon Lemon from JC Lemon Photography purchases Viewmasters for his clients and chooses his favorite seven images from the wedding to put in them. This is great for any photographer with an emphasis on retro styles, hipster weddings, or who have a film feel to their photos (with or without real film).

You can purchase Viewmasters at Image 3D. And you know these will be hanging out in your clients’ living rooms for guests and friends to play with ($30 for viewer and reel set).



Charmi Patel Peña makes mini editorial magazines for her clients with Artifact Uprising’s Softcover Photo Books. This doesn’t take the place of a regular album, which she still sells to clients. The Softcover Photo Book feels (and looks) more like a fashion magazine, complete with lots of text and matte print. Think of your favorite Anthropologie Catalogue custom made for your clients (starting at $17.99).


la rousse box-0012Katie Doherty from La Rousse Photo (and myself!) are selling glass photo boxes to show off your wedding prints in the most beautiful way possible. It looks like a jewelry box and is handmade with antiqued brass and glass, with a tiny clasp to open the lid. These are a bonus gift to the bride and groom and a much classier way to deliver photos than just emailing a link to download pictures.

You can find these boxes in three sizes (4×6, 5×7, 5×5) and 8GB flash drives like the one shown above at La Rousse Shoppe. We have a killer Instagram game, too ($45 or 5 for $200).


Brian Leahy uses One Hope Wine to give his clients a “celebration gift box of fancy champagnes and glasses” when they book him. This is a very fancy way to say congratulations.

These wine bottles are a gift that goes way beyond your clients’ homes, since One Hope Wine is also a social justice organization. Each bottle of wine that you purchase has a different donation attached to it, including things like “every bottle helps end homelessness by funding job preparation services (when you purchase the 2013 Napa Valley Reserve Red Blend)” (~$50).

Nicole Chan takes wine in a different direction and makes a custom three wine box from wineforawedding with her company’s logo on the side.

This is a pre-wedding gift and Nicole says she often does bridal prep and sees her boxes in her clients’ homes when she arrives. You can even add personal messages underneath each lid! wineforawedding boxes are gifts that will be used over and over again, and the investment stays with your client for as long as they keep drinking wine ($99).

Make sure you don’t live in a state where shipping wine is illegal!!

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Phillip Van Nostrand has been photographing weddings in California and New York for over seven years. He will be speaking at WPPI in Las Vegas this year and is leading a unique photographer/yoga retreat in Cartagena, Colombia. There is still room to join!

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