Our most requested tutorial for a SLR Lounge Workshop has by far been a wedding photography workshop. We’ve been working on creating one for almost 2 years now, switching directions multiple times to find the best approach to teaching such a broad topic.

We’ve finally started filming and we should be releasing something within the next 6 months in our photo education store. Until then, this article, “Wedding Photography Tips,” will encompass many of the best SLR Lounge articles and tutorials on Wedding Photography. Hopefully this holds you over until we have a chance to complete our full tutorial. Enjoy!


Wedding Photography Shooting Tips

Tip 1: Have the Right Gear

Of course, you’ll need to start with the right gear. Our Gear Guides are a great place to start as well as one of our most popular articles to date, “6 Must-Have Lenses for Wedding Photography.


As a wedding photographer, you need camera bodies and lenses of course, but there are a few items that you may not have thought about bringing. Here are 5 Essentials For Every Wedding Photographer on the Wedding Day (Besides Equipment).

Tip 1: Always Be Prepared

Like a boy scout, you should always be prepared as a wedding photographer. Whether it is figuring out what to wear, making sure you have everything you need (besides your bag of camera bodies and lenses) or making sure you have hard copies of the schedule, for the photographer, the wedding day begins way before the actual day of the wedding. Here are some of our favorite wedding photography tips for preparation before the wedding day.

At weddings, there will be some downtime scattered throughout the day, but most of the time, you’ll be running around trying to capture every moment. Check out 12 Wedding Photography Efficiency Tips for a few little tricks on making the wedding day go smoothly.

What should you wear while shooting a wedding? Many people wear all black, but you don’t necessarily have to. In our Wedding Photographer Dress Code: What to Wear While Shooting a Wedding article, we give you some ideas to not only look great, but feel comfortable while shooting a wedding.

Wedding Photography Tip 2: Details, Details, Details

Don’t forget the little details from the big day! In the age of Pinterest, many brides put a lot of effort in putting little touches to make her wedding day special. Maybe her dress has a special panel sewn in by her grandmother or she and the bridesmaids spent hours assembling and painting ornaments for the centerpieces, make sure you capture all the little details that might hold some sentimental meaning.

For my wedding, I handmade 1,001 paper cranes to decorate the reception hall. I no longer have the cranes (or the marriage for that matter), but seeing pictures of the cranes do bring good memories of my girlfriends and I laughing as we folded them.

You can get very creative with a couple’s wedding rings, but sometimes getting closeups of the rings in focus is not easy. Here are 10 Wedding Ring Macro Photography Tips to help you get beautiful and creative ring shots.


One of the major details of a wedding day is the bride’s gown! You’ve seen it draped in a hotel room, but it doesn’t have to just hang there at the window of the bridal suite. In our Wedding Dress Photography Tutorial, we show you how to photograph a dress and give you some ideas on how to be more creative in doing so.

The food will get eaten, the decorations taken down and thrown away, but your photographs will last forever, so be sure to get great shots of the wedding reception. The other vendors will thank you. Here are 7 Must-Have Shots When Shooting Wedding Reception Details.

Tip 3. Know How to Pose and Light in Any Wedding Photography Situation

The two most important things to know as a photographer that takes portraits: posing and lighting. Both can make or break a photo and as a wedding photographer, you have to be ready for a variety of lighting situations and creative poses for not only couples, but groups of people as well.


Sometimes you may find yourself in a rut when posing couples, but here are 10 Basic Poses For Wedding Photographers that you can use at your next wedding.

Sometimes you may have a couple with small families, but most of the time, you’re likely to have to get all the Great Aunts, cousins, nieces, college girlfriends that are “just like family” and about 25 other people into one photo. How do you light them all? Check out this article to help you: How To Light Family Formals.

Wrangling all 87 family members can make just about anyone crazy. Here are some tips on How To Make Wedding Day Family Formals Painless and Stress Free.

Wedding Photography Post Production Tips

So now, after a 12 hour wedding day, your feet, back, neck and shoulders are aching and you have thousands of photos to cull, edit and deliver to your clients. Your job has just begun. Here are some wedding photography post production tips that may help with speeding up your workflow:

Wedding Photography Tip 1: Have a System In Place

Nothing is worse than trying to find older galleries when you have a wonky numbering system. Or trying to edit 900 photos, one at a time. Of course, I recommend the SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection because it helped me produce my images 10x faster than I was doing before. The version 6 Presets (which come in the collection or can be sold separately) also got me out from behind that computer screen and onto the beach in no time!

If you’re looking at thousands of photos and countless late nights of editing ahead, check out our article, Catch Up On All Your Editing! Tips For Faster Post-Processing to help you speed things up.

Tip 2: Know The Rules to Which Images to Deliver

Sometimes I get seriously stuck knowing what images to keep and which to toss. Should I keep three copies of that image, because her head is tilted in different angles? How about all 36 of the best man speech? Follow these general rules to help you decide: Choosing Images to Deliver to Wedding Photography Clients.


Wedding Photography Tip 3: Wow Them With Your Packaging

Even beyond giving the an awesome experience on their wedding day and delivering amazing images, leave them with a lasting impression of your brand by wow-ing them with your packaging. This article gives some great tips: How to Package Your Wedding Photos.


Wedding Photography Business Tips

Oh if only someone would’ve told me that being a professional photographer was 90% business, I would’ve stayed an amateur. To be a working photographer, you’ve got to be business savvy. Here are some tips to help you with your wedding photography business.

Tip 1: Correctly Price Your Wedding Photography

One of the biggest struggles I had as a new wedding photographer was knowing how to price myself AND being confident in the prices I posted. I’m not that great at math, so that didn’t help either. I wish I had this article to help me back then: Three Pricing Strategies That Sell.


As a new photographer, sometimes you have no idea where to start in terms of pricing yourself. Take a look at this article, Wedding Photography Pricing Tip – New Photogs, Are You Overpricing Yourself? to make sure you’re not making a common new photographer mistake.

Tip 2: Figure Out What Makes Your Wedding Photography Business Stand Out

Perhaps it’s having a brick and mortar location or learning HDR photography, standing out among in an oversaturated market requires creativity in not only imagery, but thinking outside of the box for your business. Here’s one company that grew their business exponentially by opening a physical location: How A Studio Can Help Your Wedding Photography Business. 

HDR has a way of making your images really stand out from the sea of images out there. Here are some ways to incorporate HDR into your wedding photographyHDR Wedding Photography Tips.


Wedding Photography Tip 3: Take Care of Not Only Your Clients, But Yourself As Well

In all that we do as wedding photographers, it all boils down to people. We deal with people all day: our clients, their families, vendors, other photographers, videographers, planners, etc. Make sure that you are taking time for yourself and going out and shooting for fun. Ultimately, taking time for yourself will lead to more long term success for you and your business. Plus, your family and friends will thank you for it.

As a business person and someone who works for people and is interacting with people all the time, being an introvert is tough. Here are some tips to help  those introverts rejuvenate: Wedding Photography: Being an Introvert in an Extrovert Profession.


Besides making great images, to sustain your business you need to make sure your clients are satisfied so that they will tell all their newly engaged friends about you. Here are Ten Keys To Satisfied Clients, And Long-Term Success to help you do that.

Are you done and ready to move on to another career? Here is the perspective of one of our writers when she decided that it was time to close down her wedding photography business: Quitting The Wedding Photography Business Isn’t Easy.


We hope you enjoyed this compilation post of some of our best Wedding Photography Tips. Please bookmark this post for future reference.

Wedding Photography Tips | Compilation Of Our Best – 2019

  1. Have the Right Gear
  2. Always Be Prepared
  3. Details, Details, Details
  4. Know How to Pose and Light in Any Wedding Photography Situation
  5. Wedding Photography Tip 1: Have a System In Place
  6. Know The Rules to Which Images to Deliver
  7. Wedding Photography Tip 3: Wow Them With Your Packaging
  8. Correctly Price Your Wedding Photography
  9. Figure Out What Makes Your Wedding Photography Business Stand Out
  10. Take Care of Not Only Your Clients, But Yourself
    As Well