Getting incredible wedding ring photos time after time can take a toll. Finding the right background, lighting, and settings for three wedding rings is just as stressful as planning the perfect shot for your couple, so to give you some inspiration and a new outlook on wedding ring photos, we’ve devised this list of 10 creative shots to help you think outside the ring box.

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wedding ring photo #1 | Reflection

Using a reflective surface is by far the easiest trick in the book, mainly because most hotel rooms have a side-table with a mirror-like top. Wipe down the surface to ensure there are no marks or specs prior to placing the rings and use your phone to make sure they are in the same focal plane. If you don’t find a reflective surface, use your cell phone!

All of the photos used in this article are taken with a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS in order to get a precise picture of the details of the rings and to achieve a greater compression than you would with a 35mm or 50mm. If you don’t have a backdrop available, Google an image of ‘bokeh’ or ‘Christmas lights’ on your phone and place it behind the rings so that it reflects onto the glass. Trust us, it works.


wedding ring photo #2 | bouquet as a backdrop

Bride’s love incorporating other elements of their wedding day in their photographs whether it be portraits or detail shots. Use the bouquet as a backdrop for wedding ring photos or place the ring inside one of the flowers.

wedding ring photo #3 | using other jewelry

The more separation there is from the background the more compression you will have. You can see three different examples of how we used other jewelry as a background to create great compression & beautiful bokeh-balls. See what other details brides love having captured on their wedding day:

wedding ring photo #4 | using shoes

Similarly to how we used the jewelry above, we chose to show off the bride’s shoes by placing the wedding rings on the heels. Double check before placing rings onto the bottoms of shoes because in some cultures this is frowned-upon.

wedding ring photo #5 | using the invitation

For a more personalized wedding ring picture try utilizing your couple’s wedding invite. This is when Glue Dots come in handy to keep the rings in place without you having to try and spend 30 minutes trying to make them balance.

wedding ring photo #6 | LED String Lights

We’ve discussed using LED string lights in portraiture to emulate sun flare or golden hour, but just as we discussed earlier, the more compression when photographing wedding rings, the better. Place the spread apart lights behind close to a foot behind the rings to get the best bokeh.

wedding ring photo #7 | Led pen lights

For just a bit of rim light or even a little drama, we use LED pen lights to highlight our rings. By placing them on either side of the wedding rings you can change your in-camera color temperature to balance out your scene, or try a temperature throw by making the rings cooler and your background warmer.

wedding ring photo #8 | interesting backgrounds

Don’t have any cool lights or pens handy? Find a wallpaper or texture background to use as the backdrop of your wedding ring picture in order to create interest. Here, we added an off-camera flash to illuminate our background rather than use the ambient light in the room.


wedding ring photo #9 | flash + filtered water

This is definitely not a trick for the faint hearted. If you’ve followed us for some time you’ve seen the spray & strobe trick: spray filtered water on the top half of your lens and create bokeh by triggering a strobe to fire into the lens. For more special effects watch this video:

wedding ring photo #10 | Strobe power

If your available light isn’t cutting it, try adding strobes to create direction, diffusion, and drama. Here we used two strobes pointed directly at the rings to create a powerful wedding ring photo.

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