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Tips & Tricks Real Estate Photography Equipment Guide | Cameras, Lenses, Accessories, & Editing Software
By SLR Lounge Official on March 20, 2019
In this article, we will go over all of the equipment you’ll need to achieve professional results, including...

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Inspiration Film Wedding Photographers You Should Follow! (2019 Update)
By SLR Lounge Official on March 13, 2019
In the age of digital photography, a number of talented photographers continue to rely...
Inspiration Things Wedding Photographers Wished Clients Knew
By Pye Jirsa on March 6, 2019
It is important to tailor expectations prior to shooting your clients' wedding.
Inspiration How To Take Sparkler Pictures | Basic Wedding And Engagement Photography Tips
By Sean Lewis on February 19, 2019
Although it's the subjects in the photo who bask in the light during sparkler entrances...
SLR Lounge - Best Photography Insurance Options
Photographer Resources Photographer Insurance Guide | Companies and Options in 2019
By David J. Crewe on January 18, 2019
No one ever really talks about it, but acquiring photographer insurance is seriously...
Tips & Tricks 11 Fitness Tips & Tricks To Battle Wedding/Production Day Hangover
By Megan Allen on January 16, 2019
What are some of your favorite tips & tricks for battling post-shoot days? 
Inspiration 48 Incredible Photos That Capture The Beauty of Weddings
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Our November Awards submission period closed at the end of last month and we faced...
Gear & Apps ThinkTank Signature 10 and Signature 13 Camera Bags | Hands-On Review
By Josh Chun on December 7, 2018
With the Signature ThinkTank shoulder bag series, photographers can look good while...
Inspiration 5 Effective Blogging Tips For Photographers
By Sean Lewis on November 30, 2018
We’re going to build on our earlier discussion of why you should be blogging and...
News & Insight The Complete Wedding Photography Training System – Available Now!
By SLR Lounge Official on October 30, 2018
After 3 years of filming and with the completion of Photographing the Reception (now...
News & Insight Then Vs. Now | Artistic Advice From 13 Working Pros
By Pye Jirsa on October 24, 2018
See how some of your favorite photographers have progressed through the years and hear...