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23 Jul 2024

Cloud Pack | Images of Clouds

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Add Beautiful Skies To Your Images

- 2 Reviews
  • Over 450 High-Resolution JPEG Cloud Images
  • Well Organized and Categorized JPEGs for Ease-of-Use
  • Full Tutorials on SLR Lounge
  • Total File Size: 4.85GB
$39 Digital Download


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Frustrated With A Bland, Boring Sunset?

One of the toughest and most unpredictable aspects of photography is most decidedly the weather. Prepared as you are to shoot an amazing photo session, there are just some days where there’s not a cloud in sight for that dramatic golden hour portrait that you were hoping for.


Never Deliver A Dull Sky Again

Post-Produce Gorgeous Clouds that Your Clients will Love


Extensive Collection Of
Cloud Images

Match any time of day from the hundreds of neutrally post-produced cloud images provided in the Cloud Pack to help you recreate gorgeous sunsets, sunrises, and mid-day clouds.

Master Advanced Techniques
For Realistic Results

Follow along in the step-by-step tutorials offered here on SLR Lounge to give you all the information you need to perfectly blend your clouds into your images and produce a realistic, natural looking final image.

Additional Cloud Pack Images


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Seamlessly integrate clouds to add beautiful skies to your images.


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  1. Jocelyn Savard

    Useful, but the videos could be improved. Seems like it is a good first draft video, but did not go to the second draft. The narrator digresses, is slow to get to the point, sometimes tries to do things on the computer but forgot that it won’t work due to his settings. It seems that he does the video in one cut. Sometimes we have to wait for the files to upload on his computer. I think editing the video and removing what does not serve the purpose of the tutorial would really improve the viewing experience.

  2. Gregory Davidson

    Well I kinda regret my purchase.

    473 High Res JPEGs organised into 5 folders
    Keywords and Metadata included
    Over 90 minutes of full HD videos

    The price
    Soft or out of focus images (possibly due to the flattening post process applied to images)
    Video narration hard to listen too, not Pye
    Tutorials examples not the same as in intro video

    All in all I feel like I spent $40 (had $10 off coupon) on something that to me is at best worth $20. I could possibly justify the $50 price tag if the raw files were included to undo the processing, which I think is causing some soft images… either that or some are out of focus.

    The keywords is nice… but under developed. Images basically have the same keyword as the folder they are in plus whether or not an image is wide or zoom. With metadata and folder organization keywords really have little value. Maybe additional keywords talking about colors in the image, position of the sun or something else would have been more helpful.

    9 videos make up the 90+ minutes of video footage and are really geared towards new and beginner Photoshop users. The intro video is literally the promo video on this page. I personally have a hard time listening to Matthew and for me, he doesn’t have the smooth voice and charisma as Pye which made watching the videos hard to do. The videos do not seem to be edited much beside the lower third screen overlays with tips and at times there is awkward silence, stumble words and flustered noises or sound effects that should have been edited out or instead of being only of the screen for all videos do a shot of Matt talking and making the mistakes like with Pye’s videos to create a relation with the viewer and Matt. I really did not feel video’s had much value for me and I’m sure some will pop-up on the YouTube page for free as they do for other products that SLR Lounge Sells.

    I was a little disappointed not seeing tutorials for all images in examples or at least for the photos in the intro video where the steps to add clouds to an image was recorded but not shared.

    I feel that the intro video really covered most of the techniques in the tutorial videos. There are 2 videos for Advanced Layer Masking which are basically the same thing with different images. There are 2 videos for Layer Color Corrections which like which are basically the same thing with different images. These 4 videos could have been combined to make 2.

    With that said I do have a nice organized collection of sky photos.

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