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20 Mar 2020

HDR Photography Workshop

HDR Photography Workshop

  • 10 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • 25 RAW Exercise Files
  • 3 Photomatix Presets Select SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets & Brushes
  • Total File Size: 11.3GB
$49 Digital Download


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Forget What You Know & Think About HDR Photography

Learn how to create beautiful and realistic high dynamic range photographs without having them look over-processed and gaudy.

Welcome to the new standard in mastering professional HDR photography techniques. Forget what you currently know and think about HDR photography, the SLR Lounge HDR Photography Workshop Collection has been designed from the ground up to educate photographers on how to create beautiful and realistic high dynamic range photographs. Whether you are a professional photographer or an avid enthusiast, this 13 hour workshop on DVD will guide you through every step of creating amazing HDR photographs from prep to post.

The HDR Workshop Collection is instructed by our very own Post Production Pye and includes 140 total videos organized into a simple and intuitive player. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of HDR photography techniques, you will have the opportunity to work through up to 25 full HDR images from start to finish.

Note: The digital downloads include large exercise files and HD video files which add up to several gigabytes. For those with slower internet connections, this may require long download times. In these situations, we suggest that you let the downloads run overnight or you simply purchase the physical edition.

Sample HDR Images

What’s Included in these HDR Tutorials

The Digital Download HDR Photography Workshop Collection includes 2 DVDs with 10 hours of professional level education. The Limited Edition Physical Set includes a 3rd Bonus DVD with 10 additional HDR exercises totaling 3 additional hours of video. Presentational portions of the workshop are shown in HD 720p, while all software instruction is shown in Full HD 1080p. Due to the size and quality of this workshop on DVD, we highly recommend downloading each component one at a time from a computer with a solid and stable internet connection.
The HDR Photography Workshop Collection also includes the following:

– RAW Files : High resolution RAW and JPEG working files for each of the exercises.
– 3 Photomatix Presets : Our 3 foundation HDR presets for Photomatix
– Lightroom Presets & Brushes : A sample collection of HDR Develop and Brush Presets from the SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System that are applicable to HDR Photography.

Types of HDR Photography Taught

Bracketed HDR Photography Tutorials – We teach you the best ways to get clean bracketed HDRs, from choosing the right scene all the way through to the execution and post production.


Night Time HDR Photography Tutorials – HDRs can be done at night as well; and we teach you how to make the most out of the dynamic range in low light scenes. At these slow shutters, you’ll be able to capture the motion in the water, the cars, and other interesting aspects.

Single Shot HDR Photography Tutorials – You do not necessarily need multiple images to create a stunning HDR image. We teach you how to get HDR images from just one single exposure.


Panoramic HDR Photography Tutorials – Multiple HDRs can be combined to create panoramic HDR composites. We teach you how to compose, shoot, and post produce these images.

Black and White HDR Photography Tutorials – Of course, HDRs can also be turned into stunning Black and White images. We teach you the considerations and the techniques to do this.


Recommended Software for HDR

The HDR Photography Workshop on DVD focuses on teaching techniques rather than the specifics of software. Below is the software that we will be using throughout the DVD, but keep in mind that the “alternatives” are also great options that will work just fine in most situations. In either case, if you are more familiar with one of the “alternative” software options, those will be the better choice since you can follow the techniques and processes at a good speed.

  • Recommended RAW Processing – Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up)
  • RAW Processing Alternatives – Lightroom 3, Adobe Camera RAW, Aperture, Capture One
  • Recommended HDR Processing (SLRLOUNGEHDR for 15% off) – Photomatix Pro 4
  • HDR Processing Alternatives – NIK HDR EFEX
  • Recommended Layering & Retouch – Photoshop CS6
  • Layering & Retouch Alternatives – Prior versions of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements


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