New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Lighting 201

Single Source Off-Camera light Shaping

- 5 Reviews
  • Build On All The Foundations From Lighting 101!
  • Master Off-Camera Lighting Like Never Before
  • Learn How To Balance Flash To Ambient Light 
  • Create Professional Images With Minimal Gear
  • Achieve Advanced Level Creative Lighting Techniques
  • Behind the Scenes Of Over 20 Real-Life Shoots
  • Over 11 Hours of HD Video Instruction



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Don't be Afraid to Get your Flash Off your Camera

Lighting 201 picks up right where Lighting 101 left off as we continue developing on all of our previous techniques in lighting, light shaping, and light modification. In this workshop, we will focus on creating amazing images with only the use of a single off-camera flash.

Advanced methods For Professional Results - Anytime, Any place

This workshop will get you all the tools you'll need to learn everything from backlighting your subjects for creative effects, using light modifiers and DIY gobos to manipulate light, and other techniques to help get your images to a professional level! 

creative lighting techniques

Don't just aim for corrective lighting when you can achieve beautiful creative lighting that will perfect any scene. We will teach you how to create unique & stunning photos with simple-to-create DIY gobos, inexpensive modifiers, and more. 

amazing special effects

Don't let your fear of flash hold you back from creating masterful works of art. Once you nail down the basics of operating an off-camera flash, learn how to incorporate special effects that are sure to wow your clients! 

Comprehensive Guide to Lighting Gear

Dealing with far more gear isn't something you should be wary of. This course is designed help you better understand & master the different types of lighting gear and technologies. We'll also discuss everything from pocket flashes to medium-strobe options & everything in between. 

One off-camera flash, Endless creativity 

We take you behind the scenes on over 20 real-life shoots to demonstrate a number of creative lighting techniques! All the images in this workshop were taken with a single off-camera flash, modified to create different light qualities for each scene. 

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Chapter One

  • Chapter 1 Intro
  • Welcome to Lighting 201!
  • OCF = Anytime/Anyplace
  • Lighting 101 Speed Review

Chapter Two

  • Chapter 2 Intro
  • Wired, Infrared or Radio?
  • “Pocket, Medium, Full Strobe?”
  • Our 3 Favorite Flashes “Pocket Strobes”
  • 4 More Flashes “Pocket Strobes” Worth Looking At
  • Our 2 Favorite Medium Strobes
  • Our 2 Favorite Radio Triggers
  • 5 Simple Steps to Trouble Shooting Radios/OCFs
  • Fantastic ND Filters at Any Price Range
  • Our Favorite “Sticks”
  • Our Favorite Ultra-Portable OCF Light Modifiers
  • 12 Mounting and Must-Have Lighting Accesories
  • Gear Setup – Setting Up a Light stand or “Stick”
  • Gear Setup – Setting Up a Monopod Light or “Boom Stick”
  • Gear Setup – Setting Up a “Medium Boom Stick”
  • Gear Setup – Setting Up a Manual Flash “Big Boom Stick”
  • Gear Setup – Setting Up a Full Feature Flash “Big Boom Stick”

Chapter Three

  • Chapter 3 Intro
  • 8 Steps to Perfecting Each Scene & Image When Using OCF
  • Over Powering the Sun – Part I
  • Over Powering the Sun – Part II
  • Slow Down! Watch the Details
  • More Power Without the Power
  • Adding to Existing Light – Part I
  • Bare Bulbing with Large Groups
  • Black Lighting to Create Interest
  • Getting Crazy with the “Whip Pan”

Chapter Four

  • Chapter 4 Intro
  • The Flash Modifier You Already Own
  • The Oh-So Powerful Umbrella
  • Large Group Shots with an Umbrella
  • Exposure Balancing via Lightroom
  • Portable Softboxes – Westcott Apollo
  • More Light Control, Just Grid It!
  • Dusk + Modified Pocket Strobes
  • More Power? Medium Strobes FTW!
  • Perfect it In-Camera. Then Photoshop
  • Adding to Existing Light – Part II
  • Adding or Enhancing Light Direction
  • Our Ideal Group Lighting Technique
  • Incorporating Flares with Flash
  • Cutting Light, Grids and GOBOs

Chapter Five

  • Chapter 5 Intro
  • Fog + Flash + Grid = Dramatic Change
  • BYOL! The 3-Light Setup That Only Requires One Light!
  • What About The Fill Light?
  • Backlight + GOBO + Fog = Magic
  • Drawing Attention via Light Shaping
  • Visualizing Light & Color Shifts
  • Mixing Ambient + GOBO w/Flash
  • Better Light Can Change Everything!

Chapter Six

  • Chapter 6 Intro
  • Subtle Refinement = Massive Difference
  • Great Light Changes Everything! Part II
  • Manually Triggered RCS + Shutter Drag
  • The Right Power for Each Scene
  • Dodging and Burning via Light In-Camera
  • Subtle Light for Natural Portraits
  • Light Modification & Simple Compositing
  • Expanding Your Photographic Vision
Benjamin Davidson
February 13, 2017

Another remarkably informative tutorial from you guys. This one particularly helpful for my own work at this stage in my photography - where you understand the use of flash, but not sure how some of the more creative shots are completed. The chapter dedicated to equipment options has had a significant impact on how I'm selecting my next lighting purchases, and how to know the limits of those purchases. Thank you guys for the production of this tutorial and I look forward to the 301 series.
Farrukh Bhatti
August 17, 2016

Tanuj Suri
April 21, 2016

One of the best tutorials I have come across.... Awesome Pye....
Fisnik Islami
January 2, 2016

the tutorial i was searching for
Regina Schmidt
September 21, 2015

Phantastic tutorial , the best I could find on the web. Looking forward Lightning 3 and 4. ☺
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