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17 May 2024

Complete Wedding Photography Training System

A-Z Guide To Wedding Photography

- 4 Reviews
  • $1K+ Worth of HD Video Content
  • 8 Workshops
  • 250 Lessons
  • 25+ Resources - Study guides and image exercise files included
  • 8 Week Guide - Access to community guided education
  • 70+ Hours of HD Video Content
  • The Best Wedding Photography Education
  • 3 Years in the Making, Backed by 10 years of Experience
  • Proven Framework for Increasing Your Business 10x
$499 Digital Download
$0 With Premium Membership (Streaming Only)


This system includes 10 YEARS of experience that took 3 FULL YEARS to film and produce. EVERYTHING we’ve learned from our REAL-WORLD experience is included. In fact, it’s the exact same training system Lin & Jirsa associate photographers use.

See What Other’s Have to Say About Our System

I seriously can’t thank SLR Lounge enough. The confidence I have gained is insane and without you guys, I would be lost. I am now able to provide a higher level of photography to people in my area and it feels sooo damn good!  – Ian Eldridge

Hands down. There is no equal to what you’ve accomplished here. All I can say is thanks Pye I can’t imagine anyone else to turn to when it comes to anything photography. – Sean Munzlinger 

The wedding courses have been priceless for our business. Tips and things that I would not have thought of were essential in setting and exceeding our client’s expectations. I continue to watch the courses and learn from them every time. – Laura Ochoa


Runtime: 9 Hours. Learn how to book clients and guarantee them an incredible experience with your studio.

Communication and Key Skills for Success
How to Impress & Establish Value in Meetings
Creating and Discussing the Moodboard
Create and Discuss the Prefect Timeline


Runtime: 9.5 Hours. An encyclopedia of knowledge for any second shooter capturing Groom & Groomsmen Portraits.

Master Foundation Posing for Men
Indoor Natural Light: Using What You Have
Photographing Groom Details
Lighting for Unique Journalistic Moments
Must Have Getting Ready Photographs
Dramatic Portraits Using Natural Light
Lighting for Stylized Portraits
Directing for Authentic Moments


Runtime: 14.5 Hours. The ultimate guide to photographing, posing, & lighting beautiful Bride & Bridesmaids portraits

Foundation Posing for Women
The Power of Natural Light
Photographing Bridal Details
Must Have Getting Ready Photographs
Lighting for Creative Bridal Portraits
Bridal Party Photojournalism
Editorial Bridal Party Photos
Lighting for Sunkissed Bridal Portraits


Runtime: 8.5 Hours. A career-changing workshop for Lead shooters looking to perfect their couples portraiture.

Favorite Gear for Couples Portraits
Directing Clients for Authentic Expressions
Understanding Posing and Body Language
Communication and Cues for Directing
Making the Most of Any Location
Incredible Portraits When Stuck in a Hotel Room
Using Flash to Transform the Scene
Working the Bridal Veil Into Portraits


Runtime: 6 Hours. Master the art of storytelling and capture every special moment during the wedding ceremony.

Ceremony Positioning and Movement
Capture Fleeting Ceremony Emotion
Critical Storytelling Angles
Important Details and Close Ups
Capture the Perfect Recessional
Indian, Asian, Persian and other Cultural Weddings
Best Selling Group Portraits
Artistry with the Speed of Photojournalism


Runtime: 7.5 Hours. Capture stunning wedding decor photos that will get you published and noticed on social media.

How to Get Published and Create Viral Detail Imagery
Challenges, Lighting Issues and Time Constraints
How to Develop an Eye for Perfect Details
Telling a Story Through Detail Photography
Best Angles for Venue and Design
Must Have Details for Vendors and Publications
Square Cropping and Social Media Best Practices
Incorporating Couples into the Details


Runtime: 9 Hours. Perfect group portraiture with simple lighting guides, posing techniques & communication tips.

Communicating with Presence and Charisma
Group Posing Crash Course
Symmetrical Group Posing Techniques
Editorial Posing Techniques
Best Lighting for Group Portraits
Large Group Light Composite Techniques
Journalism During Group + Family Portraits
Creative Family + Group Portraits


Runtime: 6 Hours. Never struggle with off-camera flash again in any reception venue, no matter how dark the scene.

Gear + Review of Lighting Techniques
Lighting Diagrams for Indoor and Outdoor Venues
Grand Entrances: Lighting Methods + Angles
First Dance: Lighting Methods and Angles
Crafting a Complete Story Through Movement
Toasts and Speeches: Lighting Methods + Angles
Bouquet & Garter Tosses: Lighting + Angles
Cake Cutting: Lighting Methods + Angles
Open Dancing: Lighting Methods and Angles
Open Dancing: Special FX Techniques
When and How to Use Clean Bounce Flash
Lighting for Sparkler + Grand Exits


4 PDFs to help prepare you to photograph Jewish, Persian, Indian (Hindu), and Asian (Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean) weddings.

Indian Wedding Photography Guide
Persian Wedding Photography Guide
Chinese Wedding Photography Guide
Jewish Wedding Photography Guide


Access this workshop and community in two ways

Streaming & Video Downloads

70+ Hours of HD Video Content


One Time Payment

  •  Access this entire workshop
  •  Lifetime Access

$499 One time payment – LIFETIME ACCESS

Full Access

Access all 30+ SLR Lounge Workshops


/year (USD)

  •  Access this workshop + All other workshops
  •  Access expires with inactive subscription

$348 / yr – Unlimited Streaming


Access to the Wedding Photography Mastery Group on Facebook. Within the community, we work through the Wedding Photography Training system in a 8 week roadmap that cycles throughout the year. Learn and master each technique, network with your peers, and even gain recognition through image features!



If you’re just starting out in wedding photography, this is the perfect A-Z training you’ll need to launch and grow your business.  Tips and Tricks from Youtube videos will only get you so far.  Let us guide you with everything you need to succeed.  We’ve seen students enter with years of experience and develop skills and knowledge that drastically improved their skillset and their businesses. Whether you’re moving into higher end weddings or just looking to improve the consistency of your overall collections, we guarantee this system will benefit you.

8 different workshops are included in the Complete Wedding Photography Training System, including Photographing the Bride, Photographing the Groom, Photographing the Couple, Photographing the Ceremony, Photographing the Details, Photographing Group Portraits, Photographing the Reception, & Planning & Communication (as well as the Cultural Wedding Guides).

If you purchased this course, please log in and go to your “my library” section.  You should see all of your purchased courses in this section.  If you do not see your course here, please contact us at help@slrlounge.com and we can assist you further.

If you are a subscriber, please log in and go to your “my library” section.  You should see all the courses in this section.  If you do not see your course here, please contact us at help@slrlounge.com and we can assist you further.

If you purchased this course, you can download each video by clicking the download button below each video for offline access.  If you are a subscriber, then you have streaming access only for the duration of your membership.

We will discount your purchase of the Complete Wedding Photography Training System based on your previous purchases of any of our wedding workshops (with a maximum savings of up to $200 off). In other words, you can have all 8 wedding workshops plus the bonus cultural guides for as little as $99! Email us at help@slrlounge.com to let us know that you would like to use the previous purchaser’s discount. Then, we will verify your purchase(s) and send  a custom discount code to use on the complete training system.

More Detail Information

8 full workshops, Comprehensive A-Z Training

Experience 70 + hours of education complete with exercise files, quizzes, assignments, PDF Guides, checklists & more. This is the world’s most comprehensive wedding photography training system, detailing every aspect of photographing the wedding day. Our training system includes the following workshops:

Wedding Workshop 1 | Planning and Communication

Wedding Workshop 2 | Photographing the Groom

Wedding Workshop 3 | Photographing the Bride

Wedding Workshop 4 | Photographing the Couple

Wedding Workshop 5 | Photographing the Ceremony

Wedding Workshop 6 | Photographing the Details

Wedding Workshop 7 | Photographing Group Portraits 

Wedding Workshop 8 | Photographing the Reception

Bonus | Wedding Cultural Guides

While most online wedding education is based on theory, we will take you behind-the-scenes on real weddings with real clients. In fact, it’s the exact same training system Lin & Jirsa associate photographers use.

Perfect On-The-Go Lighting For Every Scene

Lighting is a major foundation for wedding photography. Using small and inexpensive flashes, you will learn to see and modify light. Learn to create incredible effects with very little gear, and how to use modifiers to shape the perfect quality of light.

  • Master Reception Lighting in Dark Scenes
  • Learn Creative Lighting for Unique Portraits
  • Understand Natural Light for Beauty Portraits

Watch As Posing & Directing Become Second Nature

You will master the art of posing and directing. The Foundation Posing Framework is a system designed to help you understand the purpose or story behind a pose. Without feeling stress or pressure, you will be able to effortlessly pose and direct clients into authentic imagery. You will also be able to identify and correct anything that appears “off.”

Think Creatively, Especially Under Pressure

Every workshop in this training system trains your creative muscles. You will walk away seeing the world differently from those around you. Learn how you can use small tools like string lights and prisms to add interest, conceal & reveal elements in the scene, and more. You will walk away not only seeing interesting compositions but also knowing how to add creative lighting that will amaze your clients.

Master Storytelling & Photojournalism

A big part of your job as a wedding photographer is directing and managing your team. You need to understand the ideal positions for every major event, including the first look, the ceremony, the reception and more so that your team is always in the right position at the right time.

You Will Learn … Well … Everything Else Too!

Each course is designed to help you master every part of the wedding day and become a better photographer and artist throughout the entire process! Here are other concepts you’ll learn in our training system:

  • Gear Buying Guides For Any Budget
  • Efficient & Beautiful Post Production
  • Managing Expectations & Avoiding Issues
  • How To Create Natural & Authentic Moments
  • Simple Tricks, Amazing Results
  • Master Lighting + Composition
  • Make Your Clients Feel Like Models
  • Stand Apart With Unique Formal Portraiture
  • And More!!
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  1. Rezuan

    It is very much effective and informative post for the wedding photographers. Thank for sharing this type of helpful post.

  2. Douglas Hall

    I’m having a hard time getting through this workshop. Pye is a great instructor and the course materials are comprehensive. I love the chapters where it’s just him presenting the materials. His teaching style is precise and professional. However, there are a lot of chapters where he is team teaching with his assistant. That’s where this workshop breaks down. She has the most annoying giggle and she giggles a LOT! The professionalism of this workshop leaves a lot to be desired when the two of them are co-teaching. She has great insight, and her contributions are valuable, BUT the giggling at things that aren’t even funny, really detract from the message. It’s a shame, as I had high hopes for this workshop.

  3. Diane Lee

    I’ve watched this course as it was being released, workshop by workshop and over the past year, my photography has gone from good to great. I am a self taught photographer who was doing okay for myself, booking clients in the mid tier price range). I had my ways of doing things and they were creating happy clients. But this workshop challenged me to try new things and take a next step. One good example is family portraits. That part of the wedding day, I usually just “got through” meaning I did a lot of standard posing and lighting and saved my creativity for the bride/groom portraits and wedding party. This course taught me to try “editorial posing” as Pye calls it, with unique poses, layers, and interesting arrangements …. Those photos have received really great feedback from my clients. this is just one of many many ways i became a better photographer.

  4. Tim Cord

    Excellent info. Pye, thank you for teaching in an entertaining yet comprehensive way. I’ll be rewatching these every once in a while as a refresher.

  5. Kim Yang

    All I can say is Wow! This is the best course on photography I have ever seen (and I’ve seen over a dozen from all of the major websites). I am a much more confident photographer after watching these videos … more confident in my communication with my clients, with my lighting, with my posing, with my time detail photos, with my family formals, and really with every part of the wedding. Thank you SLRLounge

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