3 Steps to $100K More | Free 1 Hour Training by Pye [Watch Free]

20 May 2024

Get your tools to master flash photography all in one place! Bundle and save when you purchase both our Lighting 101 & 201 workshops.

Learn the foundations of lighting, light shaping, and light modification with our Lighting 101 workshop where we teach you how to get amazing photos with basic gear and only an on-camera flash. Then, we help you build on all of those skills with more advanced lighting techniques in our Lighting 201 workshop in which we take the flash off your camera and show you how to get professional images with a single off-camera flash.

Check out these trailers for more information on each individual workshop.

Lighting 101: Foundation and Light Shaping

Lighting 201: Single Source Off-Camera Flash


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  1. David Owen

    This is the “COURSE” that anybody needs to sit down and watch.. I have been to a few seminars and read / viewed Videos but this one covers all the information. I have watched certain videos again before going out to do some shoots.. gave me more confidence and helped me get better images.. would like to see a video on .. Shooting in C***py Light how to deal with the ugly dungeon flickering lights and Low light shooting with the camera flashes for the wedding / party photographers.

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