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Headshot Photography 101

simple, professional headshots anywhere

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  • Learn Simple Setups For A Consistent Look
  • Direct To Arrive At The Best Expression
  • Pose Your Clients To Show Off Their Best Angles
  • Apply Our One-Click Preset To Finish An Image



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Headshots on Any Budget, with any gear!

Learn how to achieve great lighting no matter the location, gear, or time of day.  From natural light to full studio setups, we cover it all!  

Great lighting doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. We are going to teach you how to create beautiful square lighting setups with just a reflector and natural light, with an on-camera hot shoe flash, with off-camera studio strobes, and with high-end constant lights.

Direct & Pose for the Best Expression

Master communication and develop an eye for the subtle nuances that can make or break and image. It is your job to make your client's look good and we'll give you the guidance and tools necessary to do exactly that. 

peter hurley 'squinch'

Peter Hurley, arguably the King of Headshots, coined the term 'squinch' which involves a subtle narrowing of the eyes. You can see the image on the right showcases this technique and how big of a difference it makes in how confident the subject looks. We also discuss what to look for when directing the squinch to perfect the look.  

"smile as if..."

Directing into the expression goes beyond "Say Cheese", "Act Natural", or the ever so simple "Smile!". This isn't something that can be taught but more so something you can practice and perfect.  The goal is for you to develop the eye and the intuition to get your clients into the right expression. 

Accentuate the jawline

Learn how to accentuate the jawline to show the structure of the face and to create a more interesting angle. Learn our keywords for communicating with clients such as using the word tilt to guide the head and using the word turn to guide the neck. 

Find Your Client's Best Side for the Best Portrait

It's as simple as using your finger to test which side is more symmetrical. Most client's don't know the difference and it is up to you to educate and find their most flattering side to photograph from. 

Finished Images in One-Click in Lightroom

We designed two perfect Lightroom Presets to help you finish off your images in just one click - one for Soft Color and one for a classical Black and White. 


  • Introduction to Headshot Photography
  • What Is Square Lighting?
  • Square Lighting With Natural Light
  • Square Lighting With On-Camera Flash
  • Square Lighting With Strobe
  • Controlling The Background
  • Square Lighting With Constant Lights
  • Four Tips on Communication And Ten Useful Cues


  • Setting Up A Tether Station
  • Camera & Exposure
  • The Crop
  • How Focal Length Affects Headshots
  • Our Three Favorite Lenses For Headshot Photography
  • How Aperture Affects Headshots 


  • Lighting Setup
  • The Spine
  • Broad vs. Narrow Shoulders
  • Extending The Neck
  • Straight vs. Angles Faces/Heads
  • Finding Their Side
  • Working The Jawline
  • Confident Eyes - The Peter Hurley Squinch
  • Directing Into The Expression


  • Culling & Post Production (Includes Headshot Presets)

Diane Lee
July 7, 2018

I used the info from this workshop to add headshots to my wedding business. It's a great course, easy to digest and easy to implement.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the Headshot Presets come with the workshop purchase?

A: Yes, the workshop purchase includes 4 Presets for editing headshots.