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Complete Photography Fundamentals Training System

Photography 101 + Lighting 101 & 201

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  • Create Incredible Imagery with Basic Gear
  • Master Your Camera, Including Manual Mode
  • Learn How to Light, Pose, Expose, & Compose
  • Master On & Off-Camera Lighting Like Never Before
  • Real-Life Photo Shoots & On-Site Education
  • Learn How To Balance Flash To Ambient Light

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Master Your Photography Foundation ... All In One Place!

Bundle and save when you purchase our BEST SELLING WORKSHOPSPhotography 101, Lighting 101 & 201!
These three workshops will help you achieve professional level imagery with the most basic of camera and lighting gear

Watch the trailers for each workshop below to gather more info on the subject material. 

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Photography 101

Runtime: Over 7 Hours

- Learn to Use Basic Gear To Create Professional Level Imagery 
- Get the Perfect Exposure In One Shot
- Master Your Camera Settings and Use Manual Mode
- Learn How to Light, Pose, Expose, & Compose
- Real-Life Photo Shoots & On-Site Education

Lighting 101

Runtime: Over 9 Hours

- Master On Camera Flash
- Understand How Flash Photography Works in Theory and in Practice
- Learn How To Shape & Modify Light For Any Scene
- Gear Advice, Lighting Diagrams & More!
- Go Behind the Scenes Of Over 10 Real-Life Shoots

Lighting 201

Runtime: Over 11 Hours

- Master Off-Camera Lighting Like Never Before
- Learn How To Balance Flash To Ambient Light
- Achieve Advanced Creative Lighting Techniques
- Go Behind the Scenes Of Over 20 Real-Life Shoots

Overcome These Myths & Fears

"Auto Mode is Just Fine"

Auto Modes are a great starting point, but to truly master photography, you need full control of your camera.  You can do it! You just need to invest the time and find the right guidance.

"I'll Just Watch Youtube"

While Youtube has some good tutorials, the education is incomplete and often times inaccurate.  This is a complete framework for mastering the fundamentals of photography.

"Flash Photography Is Hard"

Flash photography does involve technology, physics, and understanding new concepts.  But when you learn it the right way, with the right guidance, it becomes second nature to you.

Join Thousands of Photographers!

See how photographers have improved with this education

kent stacey
November 2, 2018

Every time i have a question about photography or flash, I reference back to these videos. I can't express how much these videos have helped me in my career and business.
Diane Lee
October 31, 2018

These 3 courses are the best money you'll spend in photography ... better than that $3K camera ... better than that expensive lens or that set of flashes. Every photography needs to watch these.
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