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Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

Master Natural Light Engagement Photography

– Instruction by Lin and Jirsa Photography
– Master Posing and Lighting for Couples Photography
– Learn Post Processing For Couples Photography
– Learn Client Interaction and Planning
– Total File Size: 6.8 GB

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Overview | Goal and Objectives:

SLR Lounge & Lin and Jirsa are proud to introduce the 2 DVD Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop. When we approached Couples Photography, commonly referred to as Engagement Photography, we want to help both beginners and professional develop and enhance a strong overall foundation in couples portraiture. So, this Workshop has been designed to teach photographers a simple and systematic approach to capturing professional natural light couples photography.

Intended Audience: Whether you are a seasoned professional or just an enthusiastic hobbyist, the lighting techniques, posing methods, planning knowledge, and post production skills you will learn in this workshop will improve your photography.

Course Requirements: In this workshop, we show you that professional results can be achieved with just your camera, a simple reflector and your photographic eye.  For the post production section of the DVD, you will require any version of Adobe Lightroom.

Course Overview

We split this Workshop into 2 DVDs totalling nearly 8 hours of professional SLR Lounge quality education that you have come to know and expect. The first DVD covers the planning and the actual shooting of the couples photography session while the Second DVD includes all of the post production to turn our raw files into beautifully produced images.

DVD 1 – The Workshop DVD

posing-communication1) Posing & Communication – Posing and Communication is such a huge part of any portrait session and any successful portrait photographers skill set. We demonstrate how we pose and guide our subjects. Knowing how to quickly and confidently communicate and guide your subjects into different poses is crucial to the portrait photographer’s success.

2) Learn Foundation Posing

Shooting begins in Chapter 5 as we teach you our system for posing couples which we refer to as “Foundation Posing.” Foundation Posing is a framework we created that enables photographers to quickly move clients in and out of various poses within just seconds.


After learning the Foundation Posing framework, you will find that you can shoot 10-20 different looks and poses within 1-2 minutes. More importantly, you will never be on a shoot pausing trying to come up with “new poses.”

3) Gear, Camera Settings and Advice
In Chapter 2, we move on to discuss our favorite gear and camera settings for couples photography. We discuss necessary equipment, shooting and metering modes, as well as go over a “pre-click checklist” to think through prior to snapping each photo.

lighting-tips4) Lighting Techniques

Chapter 3 introduces the basic lighting techniques that we will be using throughout the workshop. Throughout the entire workshop, we will be showing you how to create amazing imagery with just a simple reflector and the natural light around you. We will show examples of using the reflector as a key light, fill light, gobo and scrim.

5) Preparation & Planning for Engagement Sessions

We start with preparing for the shoot. We talk through why it is important to convince wedding clients to do a pre-wedding portrait session, we talk about recommendations on professional makeup and styling for the shoot, optimal shoot lengths and planning for the potential what-could-go-wrongs.


But the meat of this chapter is in discussing and planning the client’s vision for their portraits. We show a planning session with an actual client where we discuss the style and concept for the shoot, cover potential locations and discuss appropriate wardrobe considerations.

Come Along for Actual Shoots
After Foundation Posing, you will be able to tag along through our entire portrait session with Ryan and Jackie. In Chapter 6, we start off the session at the Willow Tree location where we do a basic set of sitting portraits. After our mini-portrait session, we move into creating a Picnic scene from our moodboard.


We then end this location with one of my favorite types of shots we refer to as the “Peeping Tom.” In Chapter 7, we hop to our next location where we shoot an entire tandem biking scene. We instruct and guide Ryan and Jackie in order to help us capture fun and natural biking shots. We finish up this location with a few prop driven portraits featuring our tandem bike.


In Chapter 8 we take a short hike to our Grassy Hill location where we proceed to capture a large variety of images. Here we took advantage of the scene and lighting to create beautifully fun and candid walking shots, a wonderful set of soft portraits of Ryan and Jackie sitting in the grass, and ended the location with a hilariously goofy set of piggy backing and frame-it shots.


Finally, in Chapter 9 we conclude our couples photography session with dramatic environmental portraits at Sunset Ridge. In total, we end up with nearly 200 amazing images to wow our clients. All shot within just a few hours, at a single location here at a local park in Orange County, California. Buy the Workshop:

BONUS DVD 2 – The Post Production DVD

All purchase options (both digital and physical) include the Bonus DVD. This includes over 190 Full Resolution 5D Mark III RAW exercise files and all of the post production video tutorials to take our RAW files and turn them into breathtaking images. From culling to basic developing to advanced vintage and black and white processing and effects, this 5 hour DVD covers all of the post production from start to finish. Buy the Workshop


Product Versions and Combinations

As with all of our products, we want everything at SLR Lounge to be an incredible value. You all spoke, we have been listening. So, here is what we are going to do. For those of you that just want the shooting portion of this workshop, it can be purchased at a lower price and available via Digital Download at the SLR Lounge store. Buy the Shooting Only Workshop Here: (Digital Only)

Sample Video from the DVD

The following video talks about one of the basic foundation poses that we use. The DVD covers posing as well as post production, lighting, planning and more!

Sample Images











  • DETAILS! Before DETAILS! After


  • FUN POSES Before FUN POSES After






  • FUN PROPS Before FUN PROPS After














Recommended Software

The Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop on DVD focuses on teaching techniques rather than the specifics of software. Below is the software that we will be using throughout the DVD, but keep in mind that the “alternatives” are also great options that will work just fine in most situations. In either case, if you are more familiar with one of the “alternative” software options, those will be the better choice since you can follow the techniques and processes at a good speed. Buy the Workshop

Recommended RAW ProcessingLightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up)
RAW Processing Alternatives – Lightroom 3, Adobe Camera RAW, Aperture, Capture One

Playback Format

The video files are mp4 files and can be played from any device that plays such files (a Computer, iPad, iPhone, Android Devices, etc). It cannot be played on a DVD player. We chose this format for a variety of reasons. The primary reason is that we wanted our users to follow along in the post processing section. So we included all of the RAW files as well as the Lightroom Catalog. The second reason is the quality. In order to fully see the differences in the quality of light and the overall quality from image to image, we required large, high-quality video files.


May I resell this Product?

Resell or unauthorized sharing of this product is strictly prohibited.

Customer Reviews

-31 Reviews
January 1, 2016
Wow! I wanted to begin my comment with a BIG WOW! I never, believe me, I never spend money on something that is worth so much like this workshop! I follow slr lounge and I read this site/blog everyday and everyday I learn something more! I bought this workshop and I helped me a lot! Now I am more confident, I believe in me and in my photos and everything is all right! Thank you SLR LOUNGE for doing such a great job!
Christian Boecker
May 26, 2015
This was the first tutorial I purchased from SLR Lounge and I was surprised by the quality and the volume of it. This tutorial helped me to gain more confidence at the start of a shoot due to the posing system.
Scott Skaggs
May 4, 2015
Not a natural light fan, but good info
Scott Skaggs
May 4, 2015
nice info
Elmer Arevalo
March 6, 2015
Excellent material, I will like to know where is this park at? What the name of it?
David Toldo
January 22, 2015
This one has brought me to a totally new level! They show all the basic poses! Open-up, V-up, closed, and a bunch of different variations. You should have this one!
Deborah Parrish
November 30, 2014
This workshop has helped me with all of my photographs. I prefer the natural light look and my clients do, too. The posing techniques that Pye presents are very easy to remember and communicate. This is a mainstay of my video library.
Aravind Arivalagan
October 13, 2014
Lightroom is great for natural looking potraits
Artur Zielinski
September 11, 2014
I finally got around to watching your video tutorial and I can honestly say it is the very BEST explanation of Couple Photography I have ever seen .
Wendell Fernandes
August 27, 2014
All is good. But perhaps its missing the realism from it.
Jose Lopez Moreno
August 21, 2014
Amazing stuff! I can't wait to learn all the program has.
Brandon Dewey
August 21, 2014
Great set of videos! It explains how to shoot in different natural light situations. It also go into great detail on have to pose a couple and how to build your own poses from the foundation poses. I would highly recommend this workshop!!!
Christine Eisele
August 5, 2014
I have been looking for a workshop like this for quite awhile now and am so happy to have found this! Every video is very educational and is easy to follow along with. I have never been more confident about my photography until now. These tutorials explain every thing step-by-step and offer great insights. Any photographer out there looking for a great way to grow in their photography career should really consider purchasing this product. It's awesome.
Greg Faulkner
July 28, 2014
Really helped me a lot
James Matthews
July 15, 2014
This DVD set is amazing. I had a couple of family shoots coming up and I had never really worked with posing a person before. The content that Pye covers nailed every question I ever had and more. Of course it's not just about posing. Seeing how they plan the session, deal with the client, choose locations and post-process the images is such a great help to increase your knowledge. You won't be disappointing by purchasing this course, especially if you are new to shooting people and portraits. The fact that every review has rated it 5 stars says everything you need to know.
July 9, 2014
i would advice all my photography buddies to grab on of this truly amaizing
June 5, 2014
Hi! Please email [email protected] so we can help with your specific issue. Things seem to be working fine on our end. Thank you :)
Shezaad Ally
June 5, 2014
I can't seem to make the purchase. Tried everything. Please could I have some assistance. Thanks.
May 21, 2014
Very educational and easy to watch I'm definitely implementing these poses for my work. I unusually do a lot of couples photography but always kind of winged it. Now I can get organized and execute great consistent work Thanks a lot
April 24, 2014
Just the kind of training I was looking for. Fantastic teaching by Pype.
Patrick Falls
January 22, 2014
This DVD is awesome! Both the video and sound quality are high quality. For me, the pace that the information was presented was perfect. The order that the information was presented made absolute sense, and the price, Ha! the price is awesome for the amount of information that is being presented. I have watched some amazing training videos and this is among the top of the list. I encourage anyone, no matter what your experience level, to view this instruction video.
Adelina Popescu
October 26, 2013
Wow! I wanted to begin my comment with a BIG WOW! I never, believe me, I never spend money on something that is worth so much like this workshop! I follow slr lounge and I read this site/blog everyday and everyday I learn something more! I bought this workshop and I helped me a lot! Now I am more confident, I believe in me and in my photos and everything is all right! Thank you SLR LOUNGE for doing such a great job!
Ben Perrin
October 3, 2013
This has to be the most worthwhile purchase I have made in regards to my photography. Pye holds nothing back in these training tutorials. I learned so much about banter with clients and so much more about posing couples. I now make sure that creating a mood board is part of my workflow. I believe that this resource has taken my photography to another level and I'd like to encourage any photography that is serious about engagement and wedding photography to purchase this product ASAP. Probably the only downside was that I had to attempt to download certain files multiple times due to the large file size. I was very impressed that the workshop included everything from pre-production to the shoot to post-production. The great thing is that I can just re-watch the appropriate sections before a photoshoot to make sure that I don't run out of ideas whilst I am there. I would rate this 10 out of 10. Cheers, Ben
Nice to learn gd tecnics of raw light
September 5, 2013
gd shots with grt composings
krouse (via Amazon)
July 11, 2013
I started off as a hobbyist, but then I quickly leaned towards becoming a semi pro/ professional photographer. I had no problem capturing objects or of interest, but for some reason when posing people it did not look right. After purchasing the Lightroom 4 Complete Workshop | A-Z Guide DVD, Presets, and Workflow DVD I was very pleased with my with the results after seeing how understanding of lightroom and style of editing drastically change , I decided to give the Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop a try and once again to my amazement it paid off. I'm no longer afraid or panicking when having to do couple photos, even my individual portraits have gotten better due to the advice given for simple but effective poses for women and men. These guys at the SLR Lounge have a way of explaining things perfectly without making it complicated. I recommend this workshop to anyone having trouble with portraits or for someone just looking for that perfect starting point or approach towards capturing great portraits of couples or individuals.
Chandler Chow (via Amazon)
July 10, 2013
Pye is the best instructor of all time! You know how in school, you seemed to always like the subjects with great teachers? Well, Pye is that teacher! Really keeps you entertained throughout the entire DVD I learned a bunch of great things. For example, I've always heard about using reflectors but never really understood how to use them. Small things like the catchlight in the subjects eyes really make a huge difference and are really the difference between professionals and amateurs. This is just one small example of hundreds of tidbits I picked up. Well worth the price!
James Liu (via Amazon)
July 10, 2013
This Workshop is has literally changed the way I look at couples portrait photography. I have been using SLRlounge products as a guide for a while now and have been able to (at least a certain degree) mimic their top quality photography. I picked up this workshop primarily because some of my couples photos looked awkward because my couples were posed "uncomfortably". I learned the thought process behind different poses and the whole process of getting the couples to pose correctly is simplified by this workshop. It is nice to know that with a simple reflector and quality posing instructions, you can create some amazing natural light couples photography. A must for any engagement/wedding photography. Another home run from SLRlounge!
Barbara A. Luna "deal finder" (via Amazon)
July 10, 2013
I purchase this in May 2013 one week before an engagement shoot and one month before their wedding. My husband and I watched over three days, took notes and put it in action right away. We somewhat practiced it before our engagement shoot. I watched key videos a second time just to get things "down". Key things I learned: 1) Have the client make a mood board. Their idea is to use the images on their site to give clients ideas of what they like. I had the client look at pintrest because at this point I don't have enough in a portfolio, but the idea worked wonderfully. She made a "mood board" i wrote them down and got all but one of those shots. They were very happy with that. 2) Teaching the client posing techniques at the beginning. This helped them learn right from the beginning things that were going to make them look better. They did these things on their own after a bit of practice. And at their wedding the bride told the bridesmaids what to do. And they looked ot for each other with hair straightening and clothing.It made ME look better too. They really felt I had it together and knew what I was doing. I just learned a few days before!!!! 3)Posing; Fantastic posing techniques! Unique and easy to implement. I just loved this video series. It is a bargain when you compare it to a workshop that you could attend. So much more info in this and you can watch at your own pace and re-watch and practice. This video series will give you confidence and you will definetly be less nervous because of having really good tools in your toolbox!! This was my first purchase from SLR but not my last. Thank you!!!! What I would like to see is a series on LIGHTING!!! Basic lighting with flash and beyond.
Soulmates Photography (via Amazon)
July 10, 2013
As a professional photographer with over 30 years experience, knowledge is something that should be never ending. With this disc. The Natural Light Couple Photography Workshop can only add to your knowledge of shooting a beautiful engagement session, and for those who already know this info it can only help to remind you of those small details we may tend to forget. I highly recommend these lessons and add them to your collection.
Travis Volkman (via Amazon)
July 10, 2013
I had previously purchased SLR Lounge's Lightroom 4 Preset System and was extremely impressed by the product. So I had high expectations going into the purchase of the Natural Light Couple's Photography Workshop. I enjoy taking pictures at the hobby level but have always been working on improving my skills as I receive rave reviews from family and friends when I post pictures online. I thought this purchase would give me an inside look into how the folks at SLR Lounge conduct their outdoor portrait sessions. One of the things that has impressed me most by this purchase is that the SLR folks do not hold anything back when it comes to giving their hints and tricks on everything about the photo shoot. Many businesses would consider this giving away their trade secrets but the SLR folks are not concerned with that. From start-to-finish they give you all the information necessary to complete an excellent engagement photo shoot. Topics covered include how to plan the shoot, equipment to use, extensive information on posing tips and tricks, and extensive post processing using Adobe Lightroom. Having the Lightroom Preset System is not necessary to produce the quality images that are shown in the videos but having the system would decrease post production time by A LOT! I would highly recommend this product, as well as the Lightroom Preset System from SLR Lounge. I would have had no problem paying 2-3 times the price for these products and still felt I got my money's worth.
Ermenegildo Conte (via Amazon)
July 10, 2013
I'm very happy with my purchase. Theses guys know what they are talking about, they know the photography business very well. They are also very generous and share many great info on they're website SLRLounge. So when I saw that they came out with this DVD, I said to myself that it would be a good Sunday night video to share with my wife, we both love photography. I'm a professional photographer and I was surprise how much ideas, I got from the DVD. I've learn a lot more then I was expecting. Easy posing workflow approach with couples. Real Engagement Session footage plus a second DVD with Lightroom edit class. If your looking for a modern approach for your engagement photo session. This is it!

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The techniques in this workshop apply to all levels of engagement photography and all levels of gear. While we suggest a DSLR, any high quality camera, such as a micro 4/3rds camera or advanced point and shoot will give you great results if you follow the techniques taught in this workshop.

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We will be teaching the post production section of the workshop in Lightroom. Please have Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up).