New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Lighting 101

Foundation & Light Shaping

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  • Create Amazing Images With Gear You Already Have
  • Master A Variety of Lighting Techniques 
  • Learn How To Shape & Modify Light For Any Scene
  • Gear Recommendations, Lighting Diagrams & More!
  • Behind the Scenes Of Over 10 Real-Life Shoots
  • 9 Hours of HD Video Instruction



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master the basics of lighting With gear you already own

Flash photography is easily on of the most intimidating subjects to conquer, no matter what experience you have as a photographer. Lighting 101 was designed to help you break down and fully comprehend the basics of lighting, giving you a solid foundation

Every image in this workshop was created
with ONE on-camera Flash!

Amazing imagery doesn't always mean expensive gear. We want to help you create professional looking images with just one on-camera flash and basic light modifiers, making this the most accessible workshop on the market. Without light, there wouldn't be very much to photograph and we want to give you an in-depth understanding to help you master the art of lighting!

One light source, countless Opportunities 

We take you behind the scenes on over 10 real-life shoots ranging from natural looking imagery (for portraits, family, etc.) and dramatic imagery (for fitness, fashion, etc.) so you'll leave this workshop ready to conquer the world of flash photography without any fear!  

Learn how to create flattering light in Any Situation

It can be complicated to learn the basics of lighting with so many rules, theories, and laws, but we'll break down the fundamentals to guide you in any indoor or outdoor scene! Learn about common light patterns, subject positions relative to your light source, light qualities and so much more! 

The world of lighting is so vast and this is just the beginning, which is why we created Lighting 201 for understanding off-camera flash basics! 

take full control of your flash & achieve Dramatic Effects 

The reason flash photography is so intimidating is mainly due to the lack of understanding when faced with difficult lighting conditions.  We've made complex subjects simple to understand with a step-by-step break down of how to achieve each of these techniques! 

Learn about our favorite gear recommendations & more!

If you are in the market to purchase new gear or are looking for the perfect starter kit for portrait photography lighting, look no further! Pye will share what's in his gear kit, his recommendations for various budgets, and how even the simplest light will work for you. 

choose the right light for you

There is no such thing as one light being the best solution for every photographer in the world. The light you end up using will depend on your subject material, ambient light conditions, and so many other variables. We give you all the facts, some of our personal favorites, and all the options to help you make the best educated purchase on your next piece of lighting equipment. 

how will you modify your light?

The lighting that we see in the finished products of movies and TV shows is highly modified to create a natural or dramatic appearance. We give you our absolute ride or die choices for Light Modifiers for any scene and every budget! Starting with simple 5-in-1 reflectors to on-camera softboxes, gels, grids, & more! 

Chapter One

  • Chapter 1 Intro
  • Why Just One On-Camera Flash
  • 5 Reasons to Use Flash
  • Common Flash Myths
  • What Makes Flash Challenging

Chapter Two

  • Chapter 2 Intro
  • Flash-Strobe VS Ambient-Constant Light
  • Flash VS Ambient Light Exposure
  • Flash VS Ambient Demo
  • Flash and Ambient Balancing For Natural Effect
  • Flash and Ambient Balancing For Dramatic Effect
  • Flash and Ambient Balancing For Creative Effect
  • Understanding Flash Duration

Chapter THree

  • Chapter 3 Intro
  • 5 Common Key Light Patterns
  • 5 Common Key Light Patters w Diffusion + Fill
  • 5 Common Secondary Light Patterns
  • 3 Primary Subject Positions
  • Light Qualities
  • The Inverse Square Law
  • Inverse Square Law In Practice
  • Corrective White Balance
  • Creative White Balance

Chapter Four

  • Chapter 4 Intro
  • On Board VS Hot Shoe Flash
  • Full Feature VS Manual Flashes
  • TTL VS Manual Control
  • TTL VS Manual Recycle Times
  • Flash Power & Zoom
  • HHS VS ND Filters

Chapter Five

  • Chapter 5 Intro
  • 4 Tips When You Must Use Direct Flash
  • Bare Bulbing Done Right
  • Grid_Snoot + Direct Flash
  • Mini Beauty + Direct Flash
  • Ring + Direct Flash
  • Understanding Modifiers
  • Direct Flash + Shutter Flash

Chapter Six

  • Chapter 6 Intro
  • Ambient vs Direct Flash vs Bounce Flash
  • Silver Bounce
  • More Light Silver
  • Soft White Bounce
  • Overhead Bounce
  • Overhead Bounce + Fill
  • Event Bounce

Chapter Seven

  • Chapter 7 Intro
  • Case Study 1 – Dramatic Sunset
  • Case Study 2 – Desert Sunset
  • Case Study 3 – Sinister Headshot
  • Case Study 4 – Family Portrait
  • Case Study 5 – Athlete Portraits
  • Case Study 6 – Working Angles
  • Case Study 7 – Drag + Composite
  • Case Study 8 – Less Is More
  • A Final Word From SLRLounge


  • Favorite Feature Flashes
  • Favorite Manual Flashes
  • Favorite On Camera Flash Modifiers
David Hernandez
October 24, 2016

Allan Gonzalez
May 5, 2016

Wow! So helpful. I loved this course. I learned so much from it, I'm already seeing improvement in my photoshoots. Super recommended.
damian thompson
October 21, 2015

FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC! a must buy for anyone who wants to start learning lighting. Cant wait to get 201.
Jean-Philippe Thierry
October 21, 2015

It's THE BEST lighting course I've seen so far when you want to start. I was actually getting frustrated trying to jump from start into remote / multiple flashes. It always sounds easy looking at videos on Youtube; far more complex when getting your hands dirty trying it. Starting from one light, with a fixed location and understanding how to build the light pattern you want using reflectors has given me a far better understanding. Definitely worth the money! Looking towards Lighting 201 once I will have gain comfort with one light.
ilyoung lee
October 5, 2015

SimplementeTHE BEST!!!
Arex Ramos
September 22, 2015

Thanks Slr Lounge I already purchased this lighting 101 and it's really awesome and very helpful .
Michael Yuen
July 21, 2015

I was hesitant to purchase this course, especially after having bought other SLR Lounge products in the past and never really sitting down to use or watch them. I decided to buy this anyway and watched it while on a plane flight to Mexico. I have to say -- I learned so much from the first 4 chapters, I was extremely pleased I bought it! It has made me so much more confident with Flash photography, helped me understand why I failed so miserably in the past with multiple flashes, and is a good starting point to get to the next level. As soon as I got home, I set up multiple flashes right before sunset, tried out whatever I still remembered from the courses, and sure enough: the pictures came out much, much better. In 3 weeks, I'll have an outdoor wedding to shoot -- I'll be a nervous wreck since this would be my first one where flash cannot be bounced off any walls or ceiling. However, with what I have learned through this course, I am hopeful that this will be one of my best work yet.
Rick Garcia
June 22, 2015

This class was perfect to refine some of the techniques and knowledge already acquired. It's definitely worth watching and listening as Pye breaks it down to simple understandable language.
Jason Wong
June 19, 2015

Wish i could give 6 stars! I've watched other educational videos on lighting, and i find this was by far, the most informative and entertaining! Amazing work guys! can't wait for lighting 201!
Christian Boecker
May 26, 2015

This is an awesome tutorial full of valid information! I thought I only would go with natural light fotography in the future but this video series changed my mind. It is great what you can do with only one flash and a 5in1 reflector. Pye is explaining everything in an interesting and motivationel way! Keep up the awesome work, Guys!
Scott Skaggs
May 4, 2015

hariri sudin
April 28, 2015

wish i have the money to buy this :(
Mohammed Miah
April 12, 2015

Fantastic video tutorial
James Padin
April 6, 2015

Just purchased watched about 3 hours of video so far and i can say its worth every penny.
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