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01 Mar 2021

Newborn Photography Workshop and Presets

Master Newborn Photography

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  • 8 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • 45 RAW Exercise Files
  • 74 Lightroom Presets, 2 Photoshop Actions
  • Total File Size: 7.4GB
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Newborn Photography Essentials

Professional newborn photos are just a workshop away! No matter if you’re an aspiring newborn photographer or simply a parent looking to take better pictures of your children, this workshop will show you how to capture amazing newborn photos with just a camera, a $30 reflector, and window light. So, regardless if you’re using a full-frame DSLR or a Point-and-Shoot, all the tips and tricks included in this workshop will help you achieve top-quality newborn and baby photos

The Newborn Photography Collection Includes

Workshop DVD 1 – The Newborn Photography Workshop – The first workshop in the Newborn Photography Workshop teaches the actual newborn photo shoot itself. From planning to posing, lighting, newborn safety, camera techniques and everything in-between. This 2-hour shooting workshop will teach you everything you need to know to capture and create beautiful newborn photos.
Workshop DVD 2 – The Newborn Photography Presets & Post-Production Workshop – The second workshop in this collection focuses purely on post producing newborn photos. We include a full set of incredible one-click newborn presets for Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up), two Photoshop actions (not compatible with Photoshop Elements) for advanced retouch, over 40 videos and 45 RAW image exercise files. Totaling just over 6 hours of education, this workshop will give you the knowledge and the tools to quickly produce and retouch incredible newborn photos.

Who is The Newborn Photography Workshop Collection For?

Our approach to teaching newborn photography is simple. We want to help everyone out there, whether you are an aspiring professional newborn photographer or simply a parent that wishes to take better pictures of your children, we want to help you take amazing professional photos of newborns without having to spend tons of money on photography and lighting gear. Whether you’re using a point and shoot camera or a full-frame DSLR, these planning, lighting, posing, shooting, and post-production tips will help you take better newborn and baby photos.

Content Breakdown:

DVD 1: Posing, Lighting, Shooting

  • Learn Lighting, Posing, and Planning
  • Learn Newborn Safety and Procedures
  • Learn Proper Settings & Equipment
  • 51 Videos | 1.86 Hours Running Time
  • Total File Size: 4 GB

DVD 2: Post Production

  • Learn to use Lightroom for Newborn Photos
  • Powerful Newborn Lightroom Presets
  • 44 Videos | 6.2 Hours Running Time
  • 74 Presets, 2 Actions and 45 RAW Exercise Files
  • Total File Size: 4.6 GB

Newborn Photography Sample Images | Learn How to Photograph Babies

Here are a few sample images from the workshop. DVD 1 will teach you the planning, posing, lighting, shooting and other baby photography tips, while DVD 2 will teach you post production and give you the presets (for Lightroom 4 and up) to achieve the final results. Hover over the images to see different styles of post production that we will be teaching as well.

Contents of DVD 1: Newborn Photography Workshop


Newborn Posing

We teach basic & advanced newborn photography poses. In the basic series, we teach the back, side & tummy poses along with their variations. In the advanced poses, we talk about taking candid shots, capturing more advanced sleeping poses, using wraps and more.


Amazing Results with Simple Lighting

Great Photography is not all about the gear. We show you how to create professional lighting using only a $30 reflector and window light with our newborn photography tips.

Learn Newborn Safety and Comfort

Safety should always be the photographer’s first priority for your newborn photography shoots. We teach all of the techniques needed to keep your newborn safe, happy and comfortable throughout the shoot.

Accessories and Props

Learn how to find inexpensive, safe, & tasteful props to make creative sets that make your infant photography ideas come to life. Also, learn color theory to make sure your newborn photography props match.

Contents of DVD 2: Newborn Photography Presets & Post Production


Learn Lightroom For Newborns

Learn Lightroom specifically for developing newborn photographs. From standard high-contrast color images with perfect skin tones to beautiful bright and airy fades, to wonderfully filmic B&W newborn photos.

Enjoy 74 Lightroom Presets

The Newborn Photography Presets and Post-Production Workshop includes an incredibly powerful set of 74 Lightroom Presets, 39 One-Click Develop Presets and 35 Brush Presets designed for developing and retouching newborn photos.

Follow with RAW Exercise Files

Follow along with the RAW exercise files to learn step-by-step as we process each image. We encourage you to first follow along and then try the same technique on one of your own images. Practice makes perfect!

22 Start to Finish Examples

After walking through 10 start-to-finish processing examples from the workshop, we go through 12 more full examples using user submitted images. This gives us the chance to show you how these production techniques & newborn photography presets for Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up) can be applied to all types of images and all different styles of newborn photography.


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