New Workshop! Lighting 3 | Advanced Off Camera Flash

Panoramic Stitching Workshop

Brenizer Method & Other Creative Effects

- One Review
  • Create the look of large format cameras
  • Over 5 Hours of HD Video Instruction
  • RAW & DNG Exercise Files
  • Select SLR Lounge Lightroom CC Presets
  • Total File Size: 10.84GB

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Increase Your Wall Art Sales

by creating epic, large-format panoramic imagery that will "wow" your clients

Panoramic Stitching 101

Wide Aperture Panoramic Stitching AKA Brenizer Method

Your Introduction to Panoramic Stitching

Start off with the basics and learn how to shoot and post-product for incredible, high-resolution wides with enhances scene compression, bokeh, and shallow depth of field. 

Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorials

We will be guiding you through 2 full examples that will show you everything from your require gear to of how you can conceptualize, shoot, RAW process and retouch images for a grand, final product.

Panoramic Stitching 201

Dramatic Imagery via Brenizer Method + Flash Composite

Get Your Subjects Pop with Flash

Emphasize your subjects in your panoramic stitches by learning how to properly light them and have them standout from the background. Learn from in-depth tutorials on how to stitch 3,9, & 23 frame panoramic stitches integrating Brenizer with off-camera flash.

Panoramic Stitching 301

Brenizer + Tilt Shift + Flash

Even further enhance your panoramic stitches by incorporating advanced, creative effects. This third installment in the workshop is your guide to incorporating flash and tilt-shift techniques to yield surreal large-format imagery.

Additional Panoramic Stitching images

Panoramic Stitching 101

  • Introduction
  • Required Gear
  • Challenges
  • Image Capture
  • Post Production Intro
  • Culling
  • LR Raw Processing & DNG Raw Processing
  • Photoshop Blending and Retouching Part I
  • Photoshop Blending and Retouching Part II

Panoramic Stitching 201

  • Introduction
  • Required Gear
  • Challenges
  • Image Capture
  • Post Production
  • Culling
  • Three Frame Stitch
  • Nine Frame Stitch
  • Twenty Eight Frame Stitch

Panoramic Stitching 301

  • Required Gear
  • Challenges
  • Tilt Shift Shoot Colored
  • Image Capture
  • DNG Downsampling
  • Lightroom Culling
  • Post Production Pt.1
  • Post Production Pt.2
  • Post Production Pt.3
  • Post Production Pt.3 (Continued)
Norlman Lo
August 24, 2016

This course have bring my shooting concepts to the next level. Pye does not hold back at all in his teaching, and very clear in his instructions and all the small details that we need to know. Awesome course. Must have for those who do wedding photography.
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