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21 Jun 2024

Marketing And SEO For Photographers | Photography Business 301

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Organically Increase Your Leads

  • Learn Our 4 Pronged Approach to Lead Gen
  • Increase Your Google Rankings
  • Master Social Media for Photographers
  • Create Free Sustainable Lead Gen Funnels
  • Runtime: 8 Hours 54 Minutes
  • .. Much More!
$99 Digital Download


Let SLR Lounge guide you in your photography journey with the best photography education and resources. Browse our complete, comprehensive solutions and take the next step in your photography.

Important Note | New Course Available

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Note: Even though we have a new course, most of the information from this PDF is still valid and useful.  We recommend that you take the new course and consider this PDF to supplement your learning afterwards.

Business 301 | Marketing & SEO For Photographers

We have an updated 2019 course for this topic.  Part 3 of “The Photography Business Training System” is a video workshop that teaches our 4 pronged marketing approach using to following:

1) Networking 2) Directories 3) Social Media and 4) SEO

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Real Business Advice From Real Working Photographers

Learn from the professionals at Lin & Jirsa Photography on all the in’s and out’s of web marketing and SEO that can help you make your passion into a profit.

Here are just a few of Lin & Jirsa’s stats (to date) to ensure you that all of the information included in this e-book is, in fact, from a credible source:

  • 30+ photographers & videographers
  • 300+ weddings, 200+ engagement sessions, and 100+ pre-wedding events per year
  • 21K+ Likes on Facebook
  • 15K+ Followers on Twitter
  • 29K+ Followers on Pinterest
  • 39K+ Followers on Instagram
  • 100K+ page views per month
  • Ranked in the top 3 for “Los Angeles Wedding Photographer,” “Orange County Wedding Photographer,” and other targeted search terms on Google

How Will This Ebook Benefit You?

Get More Inquiries

Learn how to use SEO and Web Marketing to increase client inquiries. More inquiries will mean more freedom in choosing your clients and being able to stick to your ideal pricing.

Save Time In All Aspects Of Business

With a well SEO-ed website, clients have fewer questions throughout the booking process as your site will be full of useful content. The sales process is simplified and supported by your many online reviews and your strong social media numbers.

Save Time Finding Shooters

See how you can use SEO to save time in finding shooters who share your creative vision. For example, have second shooters contact you instead of the other way around, allowing you to find the perfect match for your style and studio culture.

Have your work spread via search results and social media without the need to invest thousands a year for expensive directories, ad slots, or bridal shows. All of these factors made possible by strategic SEO will let you to focus on your craft and what you love, creating amazing imagery.

What’s In This E-Book?

The Photography SEO and Web Marketing E-Book is divided into three e-books that covers the following topics:


Book 1 – Content & Site Structure

  • Keyword Research – SEO starts with good keyword research. We’ll go through some exercises to help you understand your clients and understand your own business. Your list of keywords will be your SEO roadmap, guiding you in the pages that you create, the language used on those pages, the image names, and more.
  • Content Creation – Once you’ve determined your keywords, we teach you how to craft your content to target searches. We’ll teach you which pages to create, how to create them, and how to use them to bring you business. This content will also be a great resource for your clients, answering their questions and saving you time.
  • Image SEO – We’ll teach you the nuances of naming your images, using image site maps, using proper alt text, surrounding text and captions to increase your chances of appearing in image search results.
  • Site Structure and Under the Hood – The next step is site structure and checking “under the hood” of your website. In these chapters, we’ll teach you how to make sure your website or blog is optimized for search. This includes proper linking from page to page and checking all of your title tags, meta tags, headers, sitemaps, anchor text and other important topics.

Book 2 – Link Building

Building Backlinks – The next step is building backlinks to your site. This is one of the most exciting parts of SEO because link building involves networking, connecting with other sites and much more. There are proper ways to build backlinks and very specific ways of doing it within the photography industry.  We’ll teach you ways to get links from industry vendors, large media websites, large company websites and more.

Book 3 – Social Media & Local SEO

Social Media – In e-book 3, we’ll review Social Media.  We’ll give you guidance on creating content as well as some secrets for growing your Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram accounts. The social media world loves great images, so growing these accounts is achievable with the right guidelines.

Local SEO – In the last chapter, we’ll cover Local SEO, which is becoming more and more important for photographers. Google continues to increase the significance of the searcher’s location for local businesses like photography studios, so this last chapter will be vital to your SEO success.


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