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Lightroom Preset System CC v1.1 (For 5, 6, & Classic)

Our Best Selling, Versatile & Powerful preset system

- 37 Reviews
  • Post Produce 4 to 10 Times Faster With This System
  • Refined for Over 9 Years of Preset Development
  • Achieve Versatile Effects to Fit Your Individual Style
  • From Vibrant & Crisp to Filmic & Vintage with everything in between
  • Utilize Brushes for Retouching & Special Effects Like Sunflares and Tilt Shift Effects
  • Compatible with Lightroom CC 7.3
  • Requires Lightroom 4 and up (5, 6, CC and up)
  • Total File Size: 586KB



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the most powerful presets for professionals

Now on our 6th version, these presets have been refined and developed for over 9 years.  The result is a complete, precise and versatile set of Lightroom Presets and Brushes that has become a must-have for any wedding or portrait photographer.

increase your speed by 4 to 10 times!

By achieving beautiful, professional results in under a few clicks, our community of professional photographers have reported increased post production speeds of 4 to 10 times!

As a business owner, your time is your most valuable resource.  Save hours EVERY shoot by using our powerful and intuitive presets.

"but I don't want my images to look the same as everyone else"

With our versatile system, you can get many different polished and professional styles, so your final output will remain unique to your artistic style. Below are some of the most popular effects in our Lightroom Preset System.

what's new from previous versions?

Lightroom Presets CC V1.1 has been reworked to give you even better colors, tonalities, and overall contrast so that you can achieve to an amazing final image in just a few clicks. We’ve included additional improvements to our previous Lightroom Presets system, such as:

  • New color schemes applied to all mixologies to give warm tones a less “green” appearance
    on certain cameras and an overall better effect
  • Refined dynamic range and tonality (tested against newer cameras like the Canon 5D Mark IV and the Nikon D5)
  • General bug fixes

Full Video Tutorials

To help you get started and ensure that you get the most out of the presets, we have a full set of comprehensive tutorials that walk you through each of the presets.

Instruction by lin & jirsa

The presets were developed by Lin and Jirsa Photography, named a top photographer by brands like Profoto and sites like MyfoxLA and Brandsmash.  These are the exact presets they use in their studio to service over 300 weddings annually.

Lightroom Presets | Before & Afters

Below are a few more example of our presets in action.

All of the following Preset Mixology tutorials are available for free in the SLR Lounge Workshop platform.

  • Primer Video
  • Signature Color
  • 90 Second Advanced Edit on Signature Color Image
  • Soft Skin Color
  • 90 Second Advanced Edit on Soft Skin Color
  • Vivid Color
  • Black Crush
  • Vivid Black Crush
  • Glam Color
  • 90 Second Advanced Edit on Glam Color
  • HDR Natural Color
  • HDR Vivd Color
  • Soft Pastel Color
  • Signature and Soft B&W
  • Vivid B&W
  • Black Crush B&W
  • Vivid Black Crush B&W
  • Glam B&W
  • HDR B&W
  • Fuji 400h
  • Fuji 400h + HDR Fade
  • Fuji 400h + Rich Tones
  • Fuji 400h + Rich Matte
  • Kodak Portra 800
  • Kodak Portra 800 HDR Fade
  • Kodak Portra 800 Rich Tones
  • Kodak Portra 800 Rich Matte
  • Ilford HP5 Black Crush
  • Ilford HP5 Lifted Matte
  • Ilford HP5 Deep Black Matte
  • Lightroom Presets Training Webinar

Tai Hsin Shiek
June 21, 2019

Think that the 2015 preset was the best and nothing can get better? well it did! Have you heard of "Less is more?" now its categorized into more finer quick 1 click actions that take your images to the next level. BONUS if you had the previous version it will be easier to understand and tweak the one click mixologies. I love how portraits, landscapes and everything has now a specific mixology to get you 1/2 way across to what you need... It's the best and perfect way! Remember how the earlier one was so in details where you had to adjust each and everything... I was not a fan of that cos if I needed something like that i'd head on to PS.... Now the system gives quick looks and works like a charm! NO REGRETS!!! worth every penny!
Jhon Smit
October 11, 2018

Indonesian Photography
April 25, 2017

very best preset
Varun Shah
June 16, 2016

Amazing work done by SLR Lounge
Jaime Penzellna
October 29, 2015

The best Lightroom Presets I've ever seen to date! Rather than messing with the basic settings and sliders, you have everything you need in one click. It saves so much time.
Andrea Rossetti
October 28, 2015

I didn't noticed the section with the presets tutorials and I can't edit my previous comment so I leave a new one... I think the Lightroom Preset System 2015 it's an awesome tool almost fundamental when you need to postproduce tons of images. You can choose the presets that composite your style and save them in a signature mixology or you can use the SLR Lounge own mixologies and edit them as you prefer. I think it's worth every single cent!
Fabien Theissen
August 21, 2015

This is an awesome package of different post processing presets! You will be able to up your game by quite a bit, I was not expecting this amount of quality. An absolute must for the ones wanting to improve their photographs.
Christian Boecker
August 7, 2015

Such an awesome product! It really helps me a lot in understanding and is worth it for the amount of saved time in retouching a lot of pictures like weddings or sports events. If you have to retouch a lot of images quickly, this Preset System is what you need! Good Job, SLR Lounge Team! :-)
cherestes janos
August 5, 2015

This update is so great well structured and easy to work with, i'm not regretting the purchase of SLR Lounge Presets. Thank you SLR Lounge to making my LightRoom workflow easier. Best regards from Romania!
Todd Devert
July 28, 2015

nothing less than the BEST!!!!!! great job
Samuel Sandoval
July 28, 2015

I think it looks fantastic. However, how much is it if I want to buy the previous version? Lightroom Presets 2014?
Roderick Prins
July 24, 2015

A must have!!!
Jodie Smith
June 2, 2015

These are great! you guys never fail.
Svein Arild Kristiansen
May 17, 2015

Just wanted to say that with this, doing things in LR has become so much more simple and easy. Now I can just one-click for the stuff I uses the most, instead of using time on manually pull the bars over and over. And ones you understand the way they are grouped and labeled, things gets even more easy to find what you need. Works without any problems in LR6/CC too.
Scott Skaggs
May 4, 2015

Just bought.
Vigil Bose
April 28, 2015

We upgraded our preset system to V6 recently and we love it. With just a few clicks, you can achieve any look you want and yet gives the creative control to us to modify anything we want.
Matt Walsh
April 10, 2015

These are amazing. I almost never go in to photoshop now, my entire workflow is in Lightroom.
Alistair McNicol
March 14, 2015

For people that have had V5 and now V6 beta how to we go about updating to V6? Is there any difference between V6 Beta and V6 versions to warrant a update to V6? Thanks
Rieshawn Williams
December 24, 2014

Always great products!
Michael Kokott
November 7, 2014

Pretty much the only system i am using - works like a charm and does what it promisses. I was using version 5 before and really like the changes in 6. Now you only need to make a german version :)
Adrian Gojan
October 15, 2014

For over a year, I use V5 presets can definitely say that greatly facilitates the work, especially when working with thousands of photos. Bravo Team SLRLounge the titanic! In addition, you are a very informative site with current news in the world of photography and video. Perhaps you are the only site where I go every day to read the news! :) You deserve 10 * :)
Rick Harwell
October 5, 2014

I have received all Lightroom presets and this tops everything before v6 . Such a big time saver. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. Can't wait to see what's next. Also the HDR workshop was outstanding.
Joshua Cunningham
October 4, 2014

Absolutely awesome! This workflow really increases the amount of photos that I am able to work with in such a short amount of time and allows me to easily post process. Easier workflow + more pictures edited = More photos to clients which = for me more satisfaction from the customer. Thanks.
Vladimir Ambía
September 29, 2014

Thanks for the great job on V6. I would've love to have the files on the DL so I could work together with the tutorial. Also, I won't give you 5 stars, because as creative people that we are, we always have room for growth. thank you guys.
Shai Bachar
September 13, 2014

Bought it! Super Great. Before SLRLounge I was afraid to shoot because a course I took and the instructor was bad. after getting to know this website, my self confidence raised and I began shooting again. after getting to know the preset system and workflow I "healed" and from now on I want to experience more!! Today I bought v6 and excited to use it and bring my photos to even better results. and Thanks SLRLounge people for bringing "it" back!
Andrew Van Arb
September 13, 2014

I upgraded earlier today to v6 of the Lightroom Preset system from SLR Lounge! I am blown away at the new streamlined and refined system, they took something that was already great and fine tuned it into something amazing! I highly recommend this to anyone from the beginner to the professional!
Artur Zielinski
September 11, 2014

This is a great product , i love it. With simple 2-3 clicks you bring your photography to next level. This has really speed up my work flow , with hour you can process hundreds image. Highly Recommended for beginner to advanced Lightroom users. Looking forward to more products being released by SLR Lounge
Melvyn Greenstein
September 6, 2014

Such fun for a beginner. Just love trying out all the presets that me look like a professional Really informative and interesting. Highly recommended. Great Deal Melvyn Greenstein South Africa
Rebecca Charles
August 23, 2014

I LOVE these presets. They're much more helpful than any of the other presets I've purchased from other sites. My favorite art about them is their descriptive names. It makes finding the one you need so much easier than trying to remember some froo froo arbitrary name that other presets have. There's a preset for every need and I use them on all my images now. Thanks, Pye and SLR Lounge!
Christine Einarsson
August 17, 2014

Is the SLR Lounge V5 preset system THE easiest I've ever used? YES!! Do these presets, brushes and everything else in the previous pack speed up my workflow and improve my work? DEFINITIVELY YES So am I going to buy the V6 upgrade? YES Can I wait to start using it? NO Do I recommend that you invest in them? I really don't know what you are still waiting for if you haven't already
Peter Garth
August 15, 2014

If your'e an amateur photographer like me, the SLR Lounge V6 Preset System is "A MUST HAVE". Three years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera, I searched up and down the internet trying to learn as much about digital photography and image editing as I possibly could. I researched all the image editing programs finally settling on and purchasing Lightroom 4. After attempting to edit some raw files it very quickly became apparent that I wouldn't have the time to individualy edit each raw file one by one, I needed presets. I purchased many presets from different providers however these left me with mixed results as, more often than not, these one click presets delivered unacceptable results with still a lot of "time" spent playing/tweaking this and that slider. ENTER THE SLR LOUNGE V5 PRESET SYSTEM. I'm now able to achieve, as advertised, stunning results with only a small number of clicks that produce photos with a professional look and feel that up until now, I could only dream of achieving. Also, in a world where mediocraty is the norm, SLR Lounge are to be commended for there EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, they really do go above and beyond to give you the very best level of customer service possible. If you part with your hard earned to purchase the Preset System, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
hector mendoza
August 6, 2014

I just love SLR Lounge. You could call me a super fan since I've purchased almost everything they have to offer. The Lightroom workshop collection, HDR photography workshop, natural light couples photography, newborn photo workshop, and even the photoshop paper textures. You guys have given me confidence in my photography and when I see you guys constantly making your products better it really makes me better. That's what makes me keep coming back for more. This is really not a review but more as a thank you for all you have done. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.
Peter Hartland
August 6, 2014

Just updated to the V6 presets, & found an image I was trying to get better of a paraglider flying into the sun but was never satisfied it reflected the colour that evening but the new preset in V6 found the exact spot. Worth my upgrade price for that one image for next years club competitions.
joe chan
August 5, 2014

These presets are really great if you're looking for something different. I had a portrait session that had a fashion edge to it and several of these presets worked beautifully! Such a great deal on easy to use, fully adjustable presets. A fun way to change up your looks. Super price and solid value.
Edgar Brown
August 5, 2014

Being a portrait and real estate photographer the SLR Lounge Preset System has improved my photography by an indescribable amount. My work flow has gotten faster which reduces my time in post to help me push more projects. The amazing results that come out of this system are unreal. This team has developed the quickest and best way to edit photos with just a few clicks. I can never go back to conventional editing. SLR Lounge is leading the way for a new bench mark in post-production. I am truly grateful. SLR Lounge Please keep doing what you are doing.
John McCosh
August 5, 2014

As a full time professional Wedding Photographer my normal work flow requires editing a large number of images. Using the SLR Lounge preset system has reduced this editing time considerably. With just a few clicks I can create any look I want, by using the stackable presets means that they are totally flexible and incredibly powerful. The latest updated version 6 has simplified the editing process even more and has made the system even more powerful than it was before. If you use Lightroom to edit your images then the SLR Lounge Preset system makes this program so much more powerful and is by far the best preset system around. John McCosh Photography
Saeed Aalami
August 5, 2014

My style of photography really is based on the post production aspect of my work. It is a bit commercial and I like to spend a lot of time in Light room & Photoshop. This is one of the main reasons I really related to SLR Lounge and [Post Production] Pye’s videos and business idea in general. After I purchased the Lightroom Preset System and the Lightroom Workshop DVDs, I was literally like lost kid in a playground. I locked myself in for a week until I was familiarized with the Presets. The Presets are very smartly created and labeled and even though they are presets, they still leave a lot of room for creativity of an artist and his own taste.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see that this is the latest version, but what were the previous versions of these Lightroom Presets?

A: The most recent version of the presets is called "Lightroom Presets CC v1.1." Previous versions (in reverse chronological order) include: 

  • Lightroom Presets CC 
  • Lightroom Presets 2015 
  • Lightroom Presets v6 
  • Lightroom Presets v5.1 
  • Lightroom Presets v5 
  • Lightroom 4 Presets

Q: Are there additional fees for international orders?

A: For international orders on physical products, there may be additional customs fee, VAT, duties or taxes that may be applied after your order has been paid. These fees may vary between countries and that need to be paid in order for you to receive your order. Please note that these fees are not related to SLRLounge in any way and are usually determined by the value of your order. We, SLRLounge, are not responsible in paying these fees and any international customer or order assumes these fees when placing an order.

Q: Why are the presets in the Primer Video different than the presets in the download?

A: The presets are slightly different because small naming tweaks were made prior to release but after the recording. However, the core concepts should be the same.

Q: Are there more videos besides the Install Video and Primer Video?

A: Yes. We will continue to update our Mixologies section in our Workshops section with more guidance and tutorials. Stay tuned!

Q: Does this work this all versions of Lightroom?

A: These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 and 5 but NOT Lightroom 3.

Q: What about Lightroom 6 and CC?

A: Yes it will work, no updates were made in the development so Lightroom 6 should read the preset folders exactly like Lightroom 5 did.

Q: What makes Lightroom Presets CC v1.1 different from Lightroom Presets v5?


  • Completely Rebuilt and New Mixologies -

    In the new Lightroom Presets CC, we've gone through and rebuilt all of our Portrait Mixologies from the previous 2015 system. This new preset system now boasts an improved control over color and skin tonality while retaining overall contrast. We've also refined all of our Foundation Presets for those who are looking to create and customize their own Mixologies. This new updated version of Lightroom Presets CC also includes revamped film presets with more accurate tonality with an additional 3 new Portrait Mixology Presets.

  • Simplified & Refined Framework -

    With this new update, we've moved away from our old framework of creating either "soft" or "vivid" images and have instead, implemented a new singular framework that is now even more powerful and easier to use. This new system is made to be more intuitive as it helps our users now to create their own custom Mixologies in just a few clicks.

  • Advanced Customization System (ACS) -

    In v6, we introduced color toning and B&W toning to the adjustments portion of the workflow. Now, as a part of our new Advanced Customization System, we've added more ways to customize color tonalities. In addition to refining all prior color toning presets, we've also incorporated filmic color toning and a revamped curve system. We've added two whole new curves to the updated curve system as a way to help our users create their perfect version of any preset.

  • Refined Brushes for Retouching & Advanced Effects -

    We've enhanced our previous retouching and brush presets to now include Detail Enhancers and new Special FX brushes that help with adding tilt shifts, split toning, and more. The previous SFX Color Schemes have also since been removed and rebuilt in the new CC version.

  • Note: We have also made small naming changes, for example, the Signature Color preset is now called the Standard Color preset and the Signature Black and White Preset is now the Standard Black and White Preset.