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Unscripted | Photo Shoot BTS - Season 1

behind the scenes on real client shoots

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  • See Us Capture Real Engagements & Weddings
  • View All Of Our Camera Settings
  • Hear Our Client Communication & Posing Direction
  • Reinforce Techniques Learned in Other Workshops
  • Does NOT Include Step-By-Step Instruction
  • 3 Hours of Educational Content
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come behind the scenes on real weddings & engagement sessions

Unscripted gives you a front-row seat to real weddings and engagement shoots shot by Lin and Jirsa Photography. 

real-life problem solving on client shoots 

Get a first hand look into our actual client shoots. See how we make the best of our situation  when faced with challenging wedding timelines and limited photo backgrounds. From the posing and communication over to lighting and how we compose and take the final shot - you get to follow us through how we problem solve on location.     

client direction & posing

Communication is the foundation to every great photo shoot. Clients look to the photographer to direct and show them how to best pose for each scene. What you'll see in this workshop is a raw-unedited version of how we interact with clients and direct them into the perfect pose and expression for each scene. 

on the spot problem solving

It's not often that you get to see why a photographer chooses their lighting and settings based on the time constraints and venue limitations they are faced with. You'll get a inside look at how stressful it can be to come up with creative ideas on the spot. 

lighting & settings

We frequently get asked why we chose a specific lens or a certain flash modifier for the scene we are shooting in. This is your chance to see exactly why we choose specific lighting tools & gear to make an image exceptional. 

off-camera flash lighting techniques made easy

We've given you a great foundation and understanding of lighting in courses like Lighting 101 & 201 - now see them applied in real client shoots using various modifiers, techniques, and tools. 

Nighttime couples portraiture made easy

Don't be afraid of the dark - we give you easy lighting techniques and set you up with ideal settings to make it simple to set up beautiful night shots for yourself. From Whip Pans to backflash, we've got it all in Season 1 of Unscripted. 

Hear what premium members have to say about this workshop

Listen to what our Premium members had to say about what has easily become one of their favorite workshops in our Premium catalog! 

Carol cruz

All of the content on the site has been great so far (tutorials, etc.). The Unscripted and the critique sessions are particularly useful in that it is almost like interning. For people who don't always have the BTS look, this is great.

Taiyyib Choudhry

You get to see Pye in his natural habitat, get to see the BTS and also take a glimpse into Pye’s constructive thought process about approaching each scene and surroundings, analyzing it and then choosing the right piece of gear for flawless execution.

Joshua Atticks 

It's one of my favorites. It gets down to business quickly and shows the creative process. I usually have just 15-30 minutes of free time to watch and they are perfect and inspiring.

orange county nature & beach engagement

  • Unscripted | Photo Shoot BTS Trailer
  • Engagement Photography Posing & Lighting
  • Scrimming & Bouncing Light
  • Off Camera Flash Techniques

terranea stylized indian wedding

  • Elephant Hero Shot
  • Oceanside Portraits
  • Cliffside Portraits
  • Reception Decor Photos 

urban engagement photography

  • Nighttime Portraiture Using Off Camera Flash Techniques
  • Nighttime Portrait Photography
  • NIghttime Couples Portraiture in Downtown L.A.

Monarch beach resort wedding

  • Bridal Prep & First Look
  • Family Formals & Group Photos
  • Golden Hour Couples Portraits
  • Dramatic Off-Camera Flash Nighttime Couples Session

trump national golf club indian wedding

  • Bridal Prep, Details, & Portraits 
  • Creating Candid Moments
  • Sunset Wedding Portraits Before Reception
  • Nighttime Wedding Portraiture 

Orange County beach & urban engagement

  • Environmental Beach Shots Using OCF in Daylight
  • Creating A Composite Shot Using Dramatic OCF Lighting
  • Creating Silhouette Shots In An Urban Environment
  • Long Exposure & Shutter Drag Shots

bonneville salt flats utah engagement session

  • Using Two 5-in-1 Reflectors For Couples Portraits
  • Walking & Hugging Poses For Engagement Photography 
  • Using ND Filters With Off Camera Flash 
  • Wide Aperture Panoramic Stitching - How We Shot It

laguna beach engagement photography

  • Natural Light Engagement Photography
  • Advanced Off-Camera Flash Techniques & Golden Hour Photography

los angeles arboretum engagement 

  • The Right Way To Do Railroad Track Photography
  • Using The Environment For Portrait Photography
  • Make Use Of Your Ambient Light - No Matter What Time Of Day It Is
  • One Profoto B1 vs. Two Pocket Flashes 

Anastasia Joy McFeeters
August 3, 2018

Extremely helpful and interesting to see and hear the behind the scenes. I look forward to viewing more seasons.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q; Will this course include exercise files? 
A: This course is specifically meant for behind-the-scenes footage only. For tutorials on lighting please reference Lighting 101 and 201 and for Lightroom post-production tutorials please reference Advanced Lightroom Processing in the SLR Lounge Store or in SLR Lounge Premium.