Link Building for Photographers

With so many similar sites, ow does Google decide which websites are the most relevant to display in its search...

Introduction To The Tone Curve - Lightroom IPM Workshop

The Tone Curve is a powerful tool that can be used to make advanced tonal adjustments on your image, and when you...

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Make On-Camera Flash Look like Off Camera Flash

On-Camera Flash Tricks Utilizing a multi-point light setup is a practical exercise that will help you build an understanding of two and/or three light setups. In this...
After Signature Color Preset

10 Second Signature Color Mixology Tutorial | Lightroom Preset System 2015

Introduction In this video we're going to show you how to create a custom signature color preset, and how that can be used to edit any image in 10 seconds or less! 10 Second...

3 Tips to Get Great Photographs | Photography 101

What Makes a Great Photograph? Although photography is subjective, the elements of a great photograph are universal. In this article and video, I have three simple tips for you...

How to Use Flash Gels and Color Temperature for Creative Effects | Lighting 101

Creative White Balance Beyond gelling and adjusting White Balance for "corrective" purposes, don't forget that gelling and modifying Color Temperature is also huge for creative...
After 90 Second Advanced Edit

90 Second Advanced Edit in Lightroom | Lightroom Mixologies

Introduction In this video we're going to do a 90 second advanced edit inside of Lightroom. With the SLRLounge Lightroom Preset System we're able to quickly edit and retouch...

How To RAW Process Smoke Textures For Fine Art

Introduction To Shooting & RAW Processing Smoke Textures For Fine Art This is part three in our huge smoke video series. In creating the Smoke Texture Pack, SLR Lounge...
Example of Overseas SEO Company Soliciting Business via Email

5 Reasons You Should NOT Hire Out For SEO

It’s natural to want to outsource things like web marketing and SEO because you’re so busy. However, you need to resist the urge to outsource, at least until you know...

6 Ways to Hold a Camera for Slow Shutter Speeds | Photography 101

Slowing Things Down Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we need to slow down our shutter speed for a proper exposure. In the video and article below, I'm going to...

4 Flash Photography Myths Busted | Lighting 101

Not That Complicated Flash photography has a reputation for being too complicated, too unnatural, too expensive, and a last resort option when dealing with subjects in the...

Shooting for Vision: No Such Thing as Correct Exposure | Photography 101

Approaching Photography as an Art When learning about photographic exposure, it's easy to get caught up in the technical aspects of shutter speeds, f-stops, and ISO. Because of...