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Kishore is, among other things, the Editor-In-Chief at SLR Lounge. A photographer and writer based in Miami, he can often be found at dog parks, and airports in London and Toronto. He is also a tremendous fan of flossing and the happiest guy around when the company's good.





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News & Insight PSA | FAA Suggests Ban on Cameras & Other Electronics From Checked Bags
By Kishore Sawh on October 21, 2017
What you should know.
News & Insight DJI Opens Largest Retail Location in L.A. | Grand Opening This Weekend With Free Education & Drone Giveaways
By Kishore Sawh on October 20, 2017
If you can get there, be there.
News & Insight Sigma Will Repair Or Replace Gear Damaged By Recent Hurricanes
By Kishore Sawh on October 17, 2017
Sigma is making the right moves
News & Insight DXO One Gets Big Update | Adding An Android Model, Better FB Live Integration, & Battery Pack
By Kishore Sawh on October 16, 2017
Still more powerful than an iPhone 8 or X camera by a long shot.
News & Insight Drone Strikes Commercial Aircraft | First Official Recording Of Such An Incident
By Kishore Sawh on October 16, 2017
How bad will the next accident have to be before proper regulation occurs?
News & Insight 3 iPhone Camera Settings To Make Your Life Better
By Kishore Sawh on October 14, 2017
Apple’s iOS 11 has been here for a few weeks now, and the breadth of the update...
News & Insight The Sony Story No One Tells, Not Even Sony | It’s Not In Our Nature To Snuff Out The Fire
By Kishore Sawh on October 13, 2017
If you want to understand our business and where photography is going you must...
News & Insight Fighter Pilots Of Instagram | Cameras In Cockpits
By Kishore Sawh on October 12, 2017
Instagram brings you inside the cockpit, ready room and O-club.
News & Insight How To Tag & Get EXIF Data For Old & Manual Lenses In Lightroom | LensTagger Free Plugin
By Kishore Sawh on October 11, 2017
Easy to use, and useful.
News & Insight The New Samyang AF 35mm 1.4 FE For Sony A7 / A9 Series
By Kishore Sawh on October 10, 2017
Samyang's newest AF lens for E-mount is here.
News & Insight The Yashica DigiFilm Y35 Camera | Yashica’s New Camera Is Nothing Like We Would’ve Guessed
By Kishore Sawh on October 10, 2017
They were right to say to expect the unexpected.
News & Insight Pentax 645Z On Sale | Medium Format For $1k Less Than A Nikon D5
By Kishore Sawh on October 9, 2017
Want to shoot medium format? This is about the least expensive way to do it.