Some of you may recall a while back when Sony was doing a trade-in program where you would essentially trade in any working SLR or mirrorless camera and the value of that and then some would be deducted from the purchase of a new Sony. It was a resounding hit and I know for quite a few it was all the nudge they needed to finally lurch at a Sony A7 series. But like all good sales tend to do it came and went like a thief in the night, but now it’s back, and at the risk of sounding like a late night advert, it appears better than ever.

Right now through B&H and Sony you can can save a significant amount of cash on a new Sony lens or camera purchase as it’s a bit of a trifecta of incentives: At the moment there are significant instant rebates on some of the best Sony cameras and lenses like the A7RII and 24-70mm 2.8 GM, which are then combined with trade-in bonuses up to $480 depending on your purchase, and then of course there’s trade in value for whatever camera you’re trading in.

Depending on the combination of what you’re trading and looking to buy you could find yourself with $1,000 credit or more to a new Sony camera or lens, so if you were in the market, now would seem an opportune time – especially given the remarkable stuff Sony’s got on tap, from the A7 to the a6500 or a99II.

You can check it out here.