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27 Sep 2022

Chromatic Aberration

chromatic æbəreʃən
Term: Chromatic Aberration
Description: Chromatic aberration, abbreviated CA, refers to the green and purple fringing that can be seen in photographs around the edges of boundaries separating light and dark portions of a scene. A common instance where chromatic aberration is seen is around the edges of dark trees against a bright sky. It is a phenomenon produced by the lens when different wavelengths of light hit the sensor in different places. Higher-end lenses will generally produce less chromatic aberration than inexpensive lenses, as measures to counteract chromatic aberration are taken in the production of high end glass that drives up production expenses, which is passed on to the consumer. In most cases, the color fringing known as chromatic aberration is a simple fix in a post-processing software like Lightroom.

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