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The Sigma 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro ART lens is the company’s newest lens in the lauded Art Series. At $569, it is also the most affordable entry...
Gear & Apps
Voigtlander primes for E-mount bring a bit of 'Leica' prime look
One of Sigma’s strengths has been to find needs that their competitors leave unmet and meet them. But more than that, they often find a way to...
For years, Sony and Sigma shooters have been ever vigilant; longing for the day when they could mate native full-frame Sigma glass to a full frame...
After 6 years of photographing brides and grooms, Salt Lake City native Mitchel Wu found himself craving moments with his family. The life of a...
Gear & Apps
If you're a macro photographer, this Kickstarter project, if funded, could open a myriad of creative lighting options all in an ultra-portable...
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