Black Friday Photography Deals [Special Edition Deal Dash 2015]

Welcome to a special edition of our Deal Dash where we have found some of the best Black Friday deals in the photography community.

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

We've decided to give our writers the day off Thanksgiving Day so we can all spend some time with our family and friends.

Use This Portrait Photography Tip To Make Clients Look Slimmer |Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley teaches us his headshot trick called, "Hold Your Sub. " It will make your subject's shoulders and arms look more slim.

Museum Wants You To Leave Your Cameras At Home & Draw Instead

Rijksmusuem invites their visitors to leave their cameras and smartphones at home so they can fully appreciate the wonder and beauty of the art in the galleries by drawing what...

Mastering Your Off-Camera Lighting With Pye [Free Webinar]

During this webinar, Pye will share simple tips to help you use off-camera lighting to create stunning images for your clients.

Drone Owners Won't Need Third Party Help With Registration, According to FAA

As the world waits for the FAA to announce details on the upcoming registration that will be required of drone owners (okay, maybe just in my little corner of the world), it...

Make a DIY Photography Drone With Some Balloons and Your Camera Phone

So you really want a drone for Christmas, but you're on Santa's naughty list this year? Here's a way to McGyver one yourself.

What Causes Moiré, How To Avoid It & How To Remove It

In the following 11 minute video from Adorama TV, Gavin Hoey answers these questions about moiré as part of his Take and Make Great Photography series.

Dispute Over Viral Wedding Photos Comes To A Head After Delayed Image Delivery

It was a heartwarming image of a beautiful moment seen around the world. Now the photographer and the bride's family are in an ugly dispute over the photos.

What's In Your Bag | Travel Edition {The Slanted Lens}

What gear do you pack when traveling? Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens shows us what he takes on a trip to Gettysburg.

A Dizzying Hyperzoom Through The Small Village of Hallstatt

Using a technique called HyperZoom, Geoff Tompkinson, a photographer and time-lapse producer takes you on a 2-minute tour of Hallstatt.

Chasing a Rare Eclipse to Get One Photographer's Dream Shot

It was a ridiculous idea from the start, but one team embarked on an adventure to the high Arctic to capture one photographer's dream shot.