5 Inexpensive and Clever Microphone Mounts For Video

Caleb Pike, from DSLR Video Shooter, shows us '5 Handy and Creative Ways to Mount a Microphone.'

Company Faces $1.9 Million Dollar Fine From FAA For Unauthorized Drone Use

The FAA levied a whopping $1.9 million dollar fine against SkyPan International, a company that reportedly conducted 65 flights over congested (and some of the most restrictive)...

Two Photographers Collaborate to Explore Bipolar Disorder in 'Between Intervals'

Photographer Maren Klemp explores mental illness through her images providing a visual representation of the struggles people with bipolar disorder face.

'Timeless Dreams' Captures the American Southwest in Fun Layer-Lapse

In his first layer-lapse, Tryba took us through a colorful Boston. Now, Tryba has released his second layer-lapse, a fun jaunt through the American Southwest.

Social Enterprise Gives Women Around the World a Voice Through Photography

In 2013, young Bonnie Chiu photographed a group of four teenage girls in Istanbul and was inspired to find a way to empower disadvantaged women around the world through the art...

How To Prep Your Client for A Boudoir Shoot

In the following video from Photo Week 2015, Ewan Phelan who runs a very successful boudoir studio with his wife Brianna called the Last Forty Percent, demonstrates some of the...

Photographer's Moonrise | A Stunning Short Film Captures Unique Take on Full Moon

New Zealand photographer Mark Gee invited some of his local photography friends to be a part of his special project, Photographer's Moonrise.

High Speed Photography - Shooting A Light Bulb With A BB Gun (And A Camera)

To test the new Miops smart trigger, Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens, experiments with shooting a light bulb. Literally.

Kodak's Guide to Photographing Disneyland 60 Years Ago

Enjoy this blast from the past with Kodak's guide to photographing the happiest place on Earth in 1956.

Battle of the iPhone Cameras - From Generation 1 to the 6s

How does the iPhone 6s camera technology compare to its predecessors?

iPhone 6s and The Cheapest Fashion Photo Shoot Ever Produced

Using the new iPhone 6s, some flashlights, and the girl next door, Lee Morris shows us that once again, it is not about the equipment.

How to Shoot With Direct Flash To Get An Edgy Look

Leave no doubt, direct flash is the easiest way to get some unflattering shots, but if you do it right, you can create really great edgy looks to your images.