I’m not going to brag (okay, so really, I kinda am) for you East Coasters that love your seasons. I’m currently sitting in 80-degree weather, listening to the ocean waves crashing on the shore. There’s a slight breeze in the salty ocean air…well, you get the point.

My point is, this article won’t apply to those who don’t experience or shoot cold weather. For those that do, though, how do you protect your battery from the harsh elements of Old Man Winter?


When you shoot in the cold, the battery life deteriorates much faster than in temperate weather. And nothing is worse than braving the bitter cold only to find your batteries refuse to cooperate. In this following quick tip video from AdoramaTV, photographer David Bergman talks about how he protects his batteries and keep them functioning at optimal levels when he is out shooting.

David uses little inexpensive hand warmers you can keep in your pocket (I didn’t even know that was a thing). For all of his batteries, David just puts the mini Heating pad right on them. He also advises to keep your batteries and the hand warmer in your pocket and not in your camera bag/backpack. They will stay warm and cozy that way. If you only have one battery (or want to keep the battery that is currently in your camera warm), you can tape the hand warmer right onto the side of your camera.

If it’s too late and you’ve already frozen your camera and gear, check out Matt’s article on how to save and defrost your frozen camera. Otherwise, grab a few of these hand warmers and watch the video below.