Hanssie is a Southern California based wedding and portrait photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, shakes hands and kisses babies for UNDFIND and is the Managing Editor of SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures as a single gal “In The In Between.” Check out her work and her blog at www.hanssietrainor.com

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Three Little Girls Battling Cancer Inspires Strength With Viral Photo

Photographer Lora Scantling set out to portray the image of strength, give encouragement to those who are fighting or watching someone fight, and raise awareness for childhood...
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Vogue Italia's Appalling and Insensitive Domestic Violence Fashion Photo Shoot

In Vogue Italia's latest controversial issue, domestic violence is depicted in a 10 page glossy spread with bleeding, cowering women, covered in blood and Prada. It's revolting...
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Zoey and Jasper: Unbelivably Cute Portraits of a Rescue Dog and Her Little Boy

A rescue dog and her little boy. Can it get any cuter than this? I think not...
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YouTube Roundup: Best Wedding Photography Tutorials/Tips

Here's another week of Youtube videos that I've found while digging through our archives. If you don’t subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don’t miss any awesome content!...
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Instagram's Houdini: The Dazzling Photo Manipulations of Nois7

Known as Nois7, German photographer/art director Robert Jahns takes images from the ordinary world and transforms "dreams into reality."
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Wildlife Photographer Captures a Mother's Grief When Hippo Realizes Her Baby Is Dead

Wildlife photographer, Neal Cooper, hosts photography safaris in Africa, so seeing majestic wildlife is part and parcel to his daily work. A recent experience during a...
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Photoshop 101 and 201 Tutorials by Phlearn Now Available in the SLR Lounge Store

This Bundle of PRO Tutorials will make you fluent in the language of Photoshop!
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Because Every Power Couple's Save-the-Date Video Should Have a Helicopter

Move over Kim and Kanye. This power couple's Save-the- Date video is...well, you have to see for yourself...
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Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Wedding Photographer in LGBT Case

'Do Gay Rights Trump Religious Rights?' Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Wedding Photographer in LGBT Case.
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SLR Lounge Ultimate Wedding Workshop Talkthrough With Pye and Kaylee

If you're on the fence about doing something awesome this summer, it's time to just go for it and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity! Only 5 spots left!
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(NSFW) Miranda Kerr's GQ Photo Shoot Recreated By Bondi Hipsters

The Bondi Hipsters have recreated Miranda Kerr's GQ photo shoot, reworking some of her quotes as captions to call out the industry's over-sexualization of women.
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Model Appears on The Ellen Show to Respond to Target Photoshop Blunder

The target of Target's recent Photoshop fail, model Tanya Marie Keller, appeared on The Ellen Show last week to discuss the widely publicized (and criticized) photo that gained...