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Model Release Form Template

By Hanssie on February 5th 2018

What is a Model Release Form?

A model release form is a legal document between you, the photographer and the person or the person who owns the property you’re photographing). It is the written form of their permission allowing you to publish their image on your website, blog, and marketing materials. Model releases sometimes spell out the compensation for the model or photographer (given the situation).

When Do You Need a Model Release?

A model release is needed whenever you take an image of a recognizable person or identifiable feature (such as a tattoo). If you are photographing a property, you may need a property release form signed by the owner of the property. It doesn’t only apply to professional models, but to anyone who is being photographed.

Why do You Need a Model Release Form?

A model release form will protect you against civil liability lawsuit should an issue arise later on. It protects all parties involved, including the subject being photographed. It will also be needed if you decide to license at a later date. You should save all your release forms in case you need them in the future.

Model Release Download

For your convenience, we’ve created a word doc for you to edit (for free). Download Here

In this download, you will find three different contract samples (a Client Contract, a Model Release, and our Second Shooter Contract). Simply download above, scroll through to find which contract best suits your needs, select and save, and modify! These free contract samples are designed to help you pave your way to professionalism.



Free Model Release Form Template

Here is some of the verbiage I include in my model release form:

  • I hereby assign full copyright of these photographs to the above-mentioned photographer (and the related representatives and assigns) together with the right of reproduction either wholly or in part.
  • I grant to the Photographer or licensees or assignees the permission to can the above-mentioned photographs either separately or together, either wholly or in part, the perpetual and  irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish video and/or photographs of me, or where I may be included for editorial trade, product advertising and such other fashion /business purpose in any manner and medium.
  • The Photographer and licensees or assignees may have unrestricted use of these for whatever purpose, including advertising, with any retouching or alteration without restriction.
  • I agree that the above-mentioned photographs and any reproductions shall be deemed to represent an imaginary person, and further agree that the Photographer or any person authorized by or acting on his or her behalf may use the above-mentioned photographs or any reproductions of them for any advertising purposes or for the purpose of illustrating any wording, and agree that no such wording shall be considered to be attributed to me personally unless my name is used.
  • Provided my name is not mentioned in connection with any other statement or wording which may be attributed to me personally, I undertake not to Prosecute or to institute proceedings, claims or demands against either the Photographer or his or her agents in respect of any usage of the above-mentioned photographs. I hereby release the photographer named above from all claims and liability relating to images, video or photographs taken of me.

Free Model Release Form

Here is a Free Model Release Form that you can download: Download Here

Other Recommended Resources

Lawtog is a great place to find photography contracts.   See their offers here.


The following free model release form has not been reviewed by a lawyer. It is provided for free to the community and is intended to be a guideline rather than a comprehensive, complete contract. Furthermore, many of the provisions may not be applicable depending on the type of studio you operate and the location in which you operate. It may also be missing provisions applicable to your type and location of photography. SLR Lounge is not responsible for any damages, lawsuits, or disputes that may arise from the use of this model release form template.

For more tools you can use for your business, here is our Photography Contract Template.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, however, this does not impact accuracy or integrity of our content.

Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Jessie Miller

    This contract downloads as a PDF which I can’t edit. How do I get the word file?

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  2. Alexandra’s Corner

    I hope you know this line should not exist in a model release: 

    “I hereby assign full
    copyright of these photographs to the above-mentioned photographer (and
    the related representatives and assigns) together
    with the right of reproduction either wholly or in part.”

    I suggest reading this book before posting this type of model release: 

    We, photographers, have copyright of the images we create for ourselves and others regardless. The only time we give that up is if someone pays us 7 figures, and we sign the copyright transfer form supplied by the US Copyright Office. However, no photographer in his/her right mind would sign that form, because that goes against our jobs as content creators. 


    | |
    • Nursultan Tulyakbay

      That is what I immediately was thinking too.  It should either be omitted or changed to say something to the effect of, “I acknowledge  that the photographer owns the copyright…”

      | |
  3. Vern Jensen

    I grant to the Photographer or licensees or assignees the permission to can the above-mentioned photographs either separately or together…”

    What does that even mean??

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  4. 吳秉玹 吳秉玹

    Nice and thanks for your sharing. 

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  5. Paul Carver

    Great, very handy for a starter. Thank you from

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  6. Rainer O.

    Thanks! Just what I’m looking for :)

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  7. Shant Kiraz

    Great post Hanssie! I would suggest StudioBinder’s free model release form as well (on par with ASMP):

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  8. Joshua parker

    so nice to have

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  9. Sidney Gómez

    I tried downloading the template but nothing happens. Can someone help? I would totally appreciate it. Thanks!

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  10. satnam singh

    Thanks for releasing this template.

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  11. Graham Curran

    This is great to have, thanks.

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  12. Kurk Rouse

    Guess all the bugs got fixed. Thanks for sharing, wording a model release can be a bit tricky, I’ve seen a bunch of free ones online but not all of them are suited for you. My plan is to take small bits from each which i think are necessary.

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  13. Karen LaPlante

    Nothing happens when I click on the model release link…? I get a blank

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  14. alan gerstel

    If you find a human subject in the street and need a model release, I suggest modifying the MR so that it fits on an index card : then carry a few in a pocket. They’re easy to access, won’t rip or crease as paper does, and their tactile feedback helps remind you that you have them.

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  15. Vince Arredondo

    Good Info!

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  16. Jesse Rinka

    Always good to have…even as a starter release that can be customized. Thanks.

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  17. Wendell Fernandes

    For every senior I shoot – definitely a great option!

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  18. André Hostombe

    Thanks for sharing this content. I am always looking for some good releases.

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  19. Tony

    Thank you! Do you also have a print release template?

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  20. Nitin Bassi

    Modeling is my passion

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  21. Joseph lacey

    Here is a Free Model Release Form that you can download: ModelRelease

    The above is what you state.

    What is displayed is a total blank sheet…. is this a joke?

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    • Cher

      Joseph, whatever device you are using maybe it’s joking you. haha… It’s not a blank page. Downloaded and viewed. All contents are there.

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  22. Sue Photo

    Thanks for the model release template. I shall be using this in future.

    Best Sue

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  23. thomas

    How does this, or the crowd release form, relate to street photography? I live in an area where not very many people walk, but I would like to know since I see a lot of street photography around, like Kai from DigitalRevTv. Does he have to get a release every time since he is using their likeness on a video which makes YouTube money?

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