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Tips & Tricks
This article encompasses many of the best SLR Lounge articles and tutorials on Wedding Photography.
Tips & Tricks
Shooting a large group of people can be a challenge, and lighting that same group outdoors in the middle of the day can make things even more...
Full disclosure, I'm a hybrid shooter, shooting both digital and film. I love what digital allows me to do as a creative, but film has found a...
Tips & Tricks
Photographer Rick Berk is a photographer who once a year spends a week of his vacation shooting at locations around the country. He has been to...
Post Production Tips
In this week's instalment of "Tuesdays With Lauri" we take a behind-the-scenes look at my latest WW2 inspired cinematic photoseries, titled: The...
I took a family trip to the Zoo this weekend and so I figured that maybe some of you might like some tips for getting better shots of the animals...
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