Anthony Thurston


Product Reviews Editor

Anthony Thurston is a portrait and sports photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area as well as a senior writer here at SLR Lounge. You can check out some of his work on his Website. You may also connect with him via Email, Google Plus, or Facebook.


Sigma DP1 Quattro: Initial Impressions

I have been intrigued by this technology, and by the unique design of these cameras for a while now. These are my initial thoughts on the DP1 Quattro.

Turkey Day Deal Updates: $200 Off Syrp Genie, Sony A6000 & A5000 and More

While you are all getting ready to stuff your faces later today, know that there are some pretty big deals brewing. Here are the ones that we think you should know about...

Sigma Halts Production on 24-105mm F/4 Art Lens

Now this is some interesting news! Today it came out that Sigma has halted production on their 24-105mm F/4 Art lens, a halt that will be 'indefinite'.

Sony A7 II Officially Announced in US

Not sure why there was such a delay between Sony Japan and the rest of the world, but today, the Sony A7 II was officially announced in the US.

5 Budget Gift Ideas For The Photographers In Your Life

Let's face it, very few of us have the income to support the generous gift giving of camera bodies and lenses for the photographers in our lives, so what do you get them without...

Fujifilm Expected To Bring New Entry Level X Series In Early 2015

Fujifilm may be looking to remedy this poor sales at the lower end of their system with a new entry level X-series camera body in early 2015.

Introducing Deal Week! Find All The Best Deals In One Place

Over the next week we will be posting deal alerts more often as we discover the promotions and sales that you should be aware of.

Two 50MP Beasts? Canon Upping Their Game In 2015

We have all heard the Canon Medium Format rumors, among many others regarding how Canon could possibly up their game in 2015. The latest involves the idea that Canon may release...

Spyder Holster's Black Widow - Review

One of the best alternatives to carrying your gear on your shoulders is moving it to your hips, and one product for doing this is the Spyder Holster Black Widow Holster system.

Explore The Alien World Of Insect Macro Photography

Thomas Shahan specializes in capturing stunning macro images of insects, and today, we have a new video he has put out talking about his workflow and what he uses to capture...

Sony A7 II Could Ship To US Come January

Sony really came out of nowhere with their A7 II announcement, so much so that they did not even notify distributors in the US or Europe beforehand.

Let's Meetup And Connect At Mystic Seminars 2015

I will be attending Mystic Seminars 2015 in Portland, Oregon this January 11-13th, and I would love to meet and connect with any of you who will also be attending!