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3 Canon FD Lenses Mirrorless Shooters Should Consider

I wanted to share three Canon FD lenses that I think are great lenses to look into if you want to give vintage lenses a try on your mirrorless camera.

Canon's 24mm Pancake 2.8 STM Lens Worth A Look?

Youtuber Chris Winter has produced a wonderful video review of the lens where he discusses the image quality, and talks about the lens' performance for both stills and video...

New Canon Patent Reveals Layered 'Foveon-Like' AF Sensor

A new patent, discovered by Egami, reveals a new multi-layered auto-focus sensor.

Deal Alert! Huge $650 Savings On The Legendary Canon 7D

The 7D Mark II may be on the market now, but that doesn't make the 7D irrelevant. The legendary Canon 7D has been a staple for shooters of all types from Portraits and Weddings...

5 Crop Sensor Lens Deals You Should Know About

Today, I wanted to highlight 5 crop sensor lens deals that you should know about, so if you are looking for some new crop sensor glass, or you know someone who is, take a look...

How To Save Your Images To The Web, And Look Good

It is a common problem that is discussed on nearly every social network, and on nearly every photography forum: How to save your images for the web so that they look the best.

Which Mirrorless System is Closest to 'Arriving'?

A common thing you hear about mirrorless systems is that they are close, but not quite to a point yet to where they can be truly taken seriously. So which do you think is the...

Fuji X-T10 Rumor Update, Smaller EVF & No Weather Sealing Confirmed

Today, some more details have been confirmed by trusted sources on this new camera.

New EF to EF-M Adapter With Improved AF Coming From Canon?

A new patent discovered by Egami shows that Canon could be developing another version of the adapter which would, among other things, offer an improved AF performance by EF and...

Metabones Speedbooster Ultra, Canon FD to Fuji X Edition | Initial Thoughts

Today, I wanted to share my initial thoughts on the Metabones Speedbooster Ultra, the Canon FD to Fuji X version.

Panasonic Announces Two New Lenses At The Close of CP+

It is sort of odd for a company to announce products right at the end, or shortly after a big show like CP+, but that is exactly what Panasonic has done.
Canon 5d mark III

Canon Test Camera Specs Leak, Possible 5D mark IV?

In a new report over on Canon Rumors, the specs for a Canon test camera have leaked, and it is possible that it could be the 5D Mark IV.