HDR techniques can create some really awesome imagery.  With more screens in our lives than ever, wallpaper art is more relevant than ever.  You might be looking for art for your phone screen, your digital frames, your screensavers for your desktop or your Fire TV.  Whatever the use, here are some great HDR wall papers to consider for your downloads.

What is HDR and Why Does it Make Good Wallpaper?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range.  See the full HDR definition here.  The reason HDR photos make great wall paper for your screens is that they are typically full of vibrance, color and contrast.  They “pop” off the screen and show the full potential of a high end monitor or television.

HDR Image Wall papers on Crispme

While browsing the web I came across a few awesome collections of HDR image wallpapers on Crispme.com. The Images are free to download for use as a wallpaper on your computer, and boy do they look pretty on my dual 23”ers.

Checkout a few of my favorites below:


HDR Shooter Wallpapers

HDR Shooter also offers a set of free HDR wall papers.  These are stunning scenes from around the world.   Check them out here. According to their website, “All wallpapers are for free and can be distributed further, just link back to this site (of course only for personal use, no commercial use allowed without my permission).

If you’re looking for incredible HDR photography of historic buildings, bridges, beaches, lighthouses and more, then this is a great resource.

Here are some of our favorites:


HDR Photography Education

If you want to learn how to create awesome HDR images like the ones that you see above then you need to check out the SLR Lounge HDR DVD Set. It is 13 hours of comprehensive information on taking images and then combining them into HDR images that will drop jaws. Th is is available in SLR Lounge Premium.