When you think of a brand, what do you think of? There’s a sort of brand loyalty within the culture of photography that politicians would pay for, and yet at the same time there’s a sense of one-upmanship in camera-dom that would leave a Beverly Hills estate agent wheezing with bitterness. That makes for interesting dynamics – and for easy pigeonholing, and marketing.

If you were to ask an Ad-Man on Madison Avenue I’m sure they’d tell you that when conceptualizing they align one word with each brand. So, for example, with cares, if you wanted a ‘reliable’ car you’d buy a Honda; a ‘safe’ car would be a Subaru; an ‘imperialist’ car would be a Rolls Royce, and if you had a small ‘penis’ you’d buy a Hummer. Only joking, that would be a Porsche. Anyway,  perhaps it would be much the same with cameras, and though I get to speak with the marketing boffins behind the brands, they’ve yet to disclose. Luckily, however, YouGov, has a bit of insight.

YouGov surveys a panel of a few hundred thousand people with questions pertaining to all facets of their lives, from their clothing preferences, taste in music, where they shop, where they live, what they do, who they do, what they buy, what they eat, and even their internet browsing preferences. And what this allows them to do is build profiles from common traits, so if you plug in the camera brand you’re partial to, it’ll deliver it.

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Now, let’s just get it straight here that expecting this to deliver a mirror reflection of you is sort of like hoping a fortune in a fortune cookie is going to address you by name and know your individual plight, but it is interesting nonetheless and you’ll get some insight, like Nikon users seem to have higher income than Canon, though Nikon users seem to visit Breitbart (one hopes just to see how the other half lives), or that Sony users drive BMWs and have questionable taste in music especially when compared to Fuji shooters. While we won’t list them all out, you can have a more detailed look by clicking here.

Here’s an almost full read of a Fuji shooter, with other brands below: