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Improve Focus Accuracy With Autofocus Micro Adjustments

We photographers often discuss the merits and pitfalls of particular lenses, and one important area that we expect to...

Sigma Releases Lens Bug Advisory | Noted Issues With Some Canon Bodies In Live View

Something to consider if you're looking to purchase third party lenses.

How I Shot It | Balancing Natural and Artificial Light For 3 Different Looks

Using 1 light and an imperfect location to make a great set of shots

DSLR Video Tips | Tricks For Travel Filmmaking With Minimal Gear

Traveling for leisure or for work provides unique challenges and opportunities for filmmakers. On the one hand, you...

DXO: Sony FE 100-400mm GM OSS Sharper Than Canon’s $11K 200-400mm F/4L But Not Better All Around

“The A9 isn’t a sports camera because Sony doesn’t have any long glass.” That’s the stock response from A9...

The Future Of Nikon With The D850 & Mirrorless | Life & Death At The Doorstep

Nikon, you're at a fork in the road and we want you to choose the right one.

How I Shot It | A One Light Beauty Setup In A DIY Studio

You can create beautiful images in any space. Here's how.

Shooting My First Fashion Editorial | Gear, Location, Lead-Up, & Lessons Learned

Validation. We all seek it. For some it is that first gallery showing, an artist spotlight or a feature. For me, that...

Does Canon’s 85mm Lineup Need An Update? | An 85mm F/1.4L With Stabilization May Arrive In August

There’s a lot of speculation (somewhat substantiated) that Canon is releasing a new 85mm, and a 1.4 at that....

What Are The Best Cameras For Still Life Photography?

What Are The Best Cameras For Still Life Photography? Options For All Budgets

Will it be a Phase One XF 100 or a Canon Rebel...that's right you just saw those two cameras referenced in the same...