Unscripted is a series we created to take viewers along on actual shoots to show you how we light, direct, pose, and problem solve in real-world shooting situations. We teamed up with our good friends at B&H Photo and Video to create this behind-the-scenes video offering you tips that you can incorporate into your own wedding photography work.

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The Shoot

This particular gig was a commercial shoot for Lin and Jirsa Photography commissioned by the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. The images were designed to fit their style and their existing marketing materials which are on the more bright & airy side.

Tip #1: Pay Attention to the Small Details

During the shoot, you’ll notice us make small modifications to the poses and wardrobe of our subjects. This will inevitably save you time in post-production and help you become a more detailed oriented photographer as you catch these things while shooting.

Tip #2: Get The Requested Shots, Then Get Your Shot

Often times when working on commercial shoots, you are commissioned to get a certain look or composition necessary for marketing materials or a cohesive look. Once you’ve nailed their shot list, move around the scene to find a different composition that will show your client an artistic vision beyond what they’ve commissioned you for.

Tip #3: Shoot For The Story

A good rule to follow to ensure that you’ve got all your bases covered is to shoot wide, medium, and then tight. Start off by setting the scene with a wide shot that showcases the location and scenery. Then, move in closer to identify the subjects with a full body portrait. Finally, punch in with a zoom or telephoto lens to focus in on your subjects’ faces.

Tip #4: Direct For the Right Expression

Placing your subjects into a pose is just half of the work. Once you’ve got them exactly how you want them, direct them into the expression you desire to match the scene or mood.

Tip #5: Look For A Natural Curvature In Veil

One of the common errors I see people making when photographing couples or brides with veils is that they pull the veil too taught and it looks artificially created. By doing so, the veil doesn’t appear as though it was naturally caught by the wind.

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