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Tips & Tricks
New York based fashion and beauty photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Lindsay Adler has teamed up with ExpoImaging to make a series of videos...
Tips & Tricks
Lindsay Adler discusses some common mistakes when it comes to photographing skin and how to correct them.
Tips & Tricks
The goal of this setup is to create lighting that has both high key elements (glowing background) and dramatic shadows.
Tips & Tricks
In the following CreativeLive video (an excerpt from her Portrait Photography Bootcamp), Lindsay Adler gives some tips on how to pose full figure...
Tips & Tricks
In the following video from her CreativeLive Portrait Bootcamp (which still has a week left), Lindsay Adler gives us her 5 key suggestions on...
Freebies and Fun
A few weeks ago, we reviewed Lindsay Adler's Fine Art Nude Video Series. She was kind enough to offer us a copy to give away to you, SLR Loungers.
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