Photographers are probably the worst people to photograph. I know I am. When that camera lens is pointed in the wrong direction, I do what I tell all my clients not to do;  I stiffen up, force a fake smile and awkwardly pose hoping the photo will turn out okay. And that’s how many of your clients feel when you are photographing them as well, which is why it’s an important part of our jobs as the photographers to help the client relax and feel comfortable so that we can get a natural and beautiful portrait of them. It’s not easy and takes a lot of practice.


In the following video from her CreativeLive Portrait Bootcamp (which ends August 28th), Lindsay Adler gives us her five key suggestions on interacting with clients and “building rapport.” The first tip she gives is something I totally agree with and my favorite tip of the set, “Exude confidence.” Up until not so long ago, I would get really nervous before every shoot. I would worry about lighting, worry about posing, worry about if the client and I would work well together. The nerves left as soon as I began shooting, but I really had to practice coming into each shoot with a confident energy, knowing I had the knowledge and the ability to nail it every single time. Having confidence and showing confidence does go a long was in getting your clients to feel comfortable.

The other 4 tips (and the bonus tip she gives at the end) in the 6 minute video are also helpful and can be used in numerous shooting situations to help your clients look and feel great in front of your camera.