Building a Successful Photography Business

In the previous article and video, Sue Bryce shared an inspiring story about how she became the renowned photographer that she is today: From A Dollar Fifty To A Million Dollars | Interview With Sue Bryce Part I. In this part two video, Sue Bryce shares some amazing insight and wisdom on how to master yourself, and also build a successful photography business.

Overcoming “Fear” & Mastering Yourself | Interview With Sue Bryce Part II

Mastering The Art Of Photography, Business, And Mastering Yourself

In becoming a successful photographer, Sue discusses that there are three components that are necessary in order to become a great photographer: mastering photography, mastering business, and mastering yourself. All three of these things need to carry synergy between one another to become a successful photographer.


It was interesting to hear Sue share how the one thing she speaks about the most when she’s invited to conferences or teaching a workshop, was this aspect of mastering yourself.

What Is Fear?

Sue speaks about her fear in the business aspect of photography. She hated the money managing aspect of having a photography business and discussed her process of identifying what that fear really was. “Fear is visceral,” Sue shares, “When I think about fear, and what I experienced in business, it’s not fear. It’s a projected anxiety and an idea that you’re not good enough…”

sue-bryce-portrait“It’s not what they say– when you tell them what you charge– it’s how you feel about it.” -Sue Bryce

Ultimately, Sue realized that her obstacles in business and money managing weren’t fear, but rather a projection of a poor sense of self-value.

Two Best Pieces of Sales Advice Ever Received

So as you develop the three components of becoming a successful photographer, Sue went on to share the two best pieces of sales advice that she had ever received.

1. Shut Up And Stop Talking

One of the best pieces of advice Sue has ever received in regards to sales was to “shut up and stop talking.” What she means by this is after she educates the client about her services and takes her clients through the shoot, she then presents her products. She shows her clients what she produced and created, then withholds herself from saying anything more.

sue_bryce“The next person to speak, is paying for the product.” -Sue Bryce

2. Practice Telling People How Much You Charge, Then Listen

Coming full circle to her initial thought, Sue closes out with this piece of advice. She says, “It’s not what they say, after telling people how much you charge, it’s how you feel about it.” Again, she emphasizes this aspect of self-value and self-mastery. If you feel you’re worth $1000, then you should be wholeheartedly sure and confident about your product and its price.


Thanks for reading and watching this part two interview with Sue Bryce. I hope you guys enjoyed it and were inspired towards your path in becoming a successful photographer. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay tuned for the part three and final interview with Sue!

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