Gear & Apps Black Friday Sale! Up to 45% Off
By SLR Lounge Official on November 20, 2017
The season of gift giving is now officially upon us, despite the pleas in some of the ads that have been creeping up...

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Tips & Tricks Gear Guide For Aspiring Fashion Photographers & Portrait Photographers
By Brittany Smith on November 21, 2017
Aspiring fashion and portrait photographer? Here's a list of the basics you need and why.
Inspiration Are Black Female Photographers Being Ignored? | COLE Magazine Shines A Spotlight On Hidden Talent And Industry Issues
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It’s no secret that women have been at the forefront of discussion in our industry as...
Tips & Tricks Using Fresnels for Moody Portraits | How To Shoot It
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Some of the most compelling portraits and fashion images portray a respective mood and...
Tips & Tricks 5 Tips To Take Better Black & White Images
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News & Insight Using Social Media To Cast and Produce a Fashion Editorial | How I Shot It
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Use the tools around you to get the shots you want
Inspiration Interviews With Fashion Industry Leaders | Alexi Lubomirski And Mazdack Rassi
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The world of fashion and advertising is a multi faceted billion dollar business that...
Inspiration Instagram For Business | How Brands And Clients Are Leveraging Instagram & Why You Should Follow
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You may not know it's happening, but it is, and you should be paying attention.
News & Insight How To Start Working With Modeling Agencies
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Model tests are an integral part of developing both models and photographers in...
Tips & Tricks Using Available Light For High Fashion Photography (NSFW)
By Brittany Smith on October 5, 2017
Natural light can help you tell the true narrative. You don't always need strobes.
News & Insight Models Still Face Sexual Predators At All Levels | It Must Not Be Tolerated
By Brittany Smith on October 2, 2017
Does this message to a model make you feel uncomfortable? Imagine how she felt.