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What Gear Do You REALLY Need For Product Photography?

Product photography is one of the most gear hungry forms of photography I have tried. What is the bare minimum to get...

Holdfast Gear’s Brand New Sightseer Backpack | Initial Impressions

If you could find a camera bag that was made BY a photographer in Nordstroms or Burberry, this would fit right in...

10 Things Every Nature Photographer Should Have In Their Bag

Over the years, I've had a lot of moments where I've wanted to tear my hair out because I didn't have that essential...

One Light, One Modifier | 5 Lighting Setups For Under $300

How many of you have either made the 'I want to make professional and captivating images, but I can't afford nice...

Glow Beauty Dish Reviewed

A Look At The Glow Beauty Dish | Is It The Light Modifier For You? [Review]

We try out the new glow beauty dish. Is this affordable light modifier for you?

A Tribute to Frank Sinatra | The Legend Brought to Life Using The Parallax Effect

Watch this short movie to promote Universal Music's release of an anniversary box featuring Sinatra’s greatest...

SLR Lounge - Henson Creative-Prime Lens-band-music-photography

3 Reasons to Add a Prime Lens to Your Bag

While the some may disagree, I feel that a prime lens is probably the most useful lens in my camera bag. Here's why.

Manfrotto Head

Best Tripod Head | A Face Off: Ball Head vs. Pan Head

Ball or pan head? I'm not talking about odd fish that taste okay but you won't know because the thing looks so weird....

Back Button Focus | What Is It & Why You Should Try It

New to back button focus or want to learn all about it? Bebop on over and get started today!

Slow Down - SLR Lounge - Photography Tip

Photography Tip: Become A Better Photographer By Slowing Down Your Sessions & Shoots

Are you ready to come back with more "keepers" from each photo session? Are you tired of weeding through tons of...